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Vaping is increasing day by day and its concern is also increasing at a rapid pace. As the thing is increasing its exposure among the users, the craze about the science lying at its back is also the demand among the users. This is not only for the normal quest, but also to identify the difference between the different items that are available in the market. One such quest is between the NIC salt e-liquid. These two are neck to neck and it is supposedly different from a different perspective too. While some of the labs think that the e-liquids are better, the other labs give the opinion about just the opposite.

Science behind everything

The entire thing is having science at its base and if you are interested, then here is the basic science stated in a general form for you.

The first thing is that nicotine is usually available as salt on the leaf of tobacco and hence it contains both acetic and base form. Hence, bring back the litmus concept and you will understand it soon that more the acetic nature, harsher will be the taste. And on the other hand, lesser the acetic nature, faster it will mix with the blood of your sand hence smoother it will mix with your nerves and throughout the body.

Considering that comes out the NIC-salt. Here you will get the salt in a better raw form and hence will be much more acetic in nature. It will taste harsh and it will take much more time for your body to become accustomed to the nicotine that it has.

On the other end, the e-liquid form is where the acetic nature is neutralized with chemicals and hence it becomes little more diluted. As an effect of that, you will find the taste to be better and along with that, you will also feel that it mixes with your body faster and gives you the chance to ride up the nicotine ladder even faster.

The basic difference between NIC-salt and E-liquid

The first thing that would come in the differential factors is, of course, the harshness of the two components. While NIC-Salt will be harsh in nature for being more acetic, that is not the case with the e-liquids at all. Now, it is the question of many that what is mixed with the salt tom makes the acetic nature calm down? The simple answer in one word, without any chemistry class included, is Benzoic acid. Here, there is one thing to be noted – there are different labs procuring the e-liquids and it is the combination of each of the lab separately that determines the harshness of NIC salt e-liquid. Hence, it is it that each of the e-liquids will be having the same harshness or the same fluidity, however, the flavor of the liquid has nothing to be done here.

The second difference is even clearer and that we have already stated at the time we were talking about scientific explanations – the flow of the nicotine in the body. It is all about the alkalinity in the compound that determines the quality of the NIC salt e-liquid and hence, it is up to you now, what your taste is. Whatever your taste is, just check the composition now on the item and you will understand everything that you need.



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