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Whey is the liquid that remains after milk has been congealed and strained. When spheroproteins are isolated from whey, what we get is whey protein. Whey protein is a mixture of beta-lactoglobulin, bovine serum albumin, and alpha-lactalbumin and immuno globulin. Whey is thought to be an absolute protein as it has all the 9 essential amino acids. Whey, the most common ingredient present in all protein powders is consumed by athletes and bodybuilders to achieve the necessary amount of protein in their body. It is ideal for muscle growth and repair due to its high content of leucine. People usually consume whey as a supplement to get the proper whey protein powder benefits.

  1. Aids weight loss– Protein aids weight loss. Those who consume whey protein regularly can lose considerable body fat. It has been found that whey protein, when combined with weight lifting, can cause a person to lose about 3.5 kgs of weight.
  2. Lowers blood pressure– people having abnormally high blood pressure can consume whey protein powder regularly e to lower their blood pressure levels. Studies have shown that the consumption of dairy products helps to reduce blood pressure due to the presence of bioactive peptides called” angiotensin- converting -enzyme “inhibitors. These ACE inhibitors in whey proteins are called lactokinins. People having high blood pressure have experienced a 4% fall of systolic blood pressure after having consumed whey protein regularly as a supplement for about 12 weeks.
  3. Enhances the body’s antioxidants defences -antioxidants, generally derived from diet and sometimes produced by the body itself are substances that reduce oxidative stress and cut the risk of various chronic diseases. One such antioxidant produced by the body is glutathione. Now the production of glutathione depends upon amino acid content of the body. As we all know whey protein is rich in amino acids. Hence, taking whey protein as a supplement on a regular basis in the proper amount, will boost the body’s natural and antioxidant defences.
  4. Reduces anger-consuming whey protein gives a person a sense of fullness and satiation and hence keeps the person in a cheerful mood, reducing anger. Whey protein is considered to be more feeling and sating than other types of protein supplements.
  5. Reduces inflammation– chronic inflammation is dangerous and can be a symptom of underlining health hazards. Studies have shown that when whey protein is consumed in high doses regularly it significantly reduces C – reactive protein CRP, which marks the percentage of inflammation in the body. It is also helpful for curing inflammatory bowel disease. Do the statement lacks evidence and for the studies are being done on this.

Whey protein is painless and simple to consume.  It is sold in the powdered form and can be added to yogurts, smoothies or can be mixed with milk. It is recommended to consume 25 to 50 grams of whey Protein powder per day. Excessive consumption might lead to problems like nausea, pain, bloating, cramps and diarrhea. Products of Whey protein online in India is sold by Purayati. The natural dry fruit whey and milk protein powder developed by Purayati is a recommended supplement for all who are trying to gain muscle weight and lose fat. 30 grams of the Powder is to be mixed in 250 ml of warm milk and can be taken twice a day.

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