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What is UX and UI Designers Does?

This is the 21st century and businesses are highly interested in creating websites and applications that users find appealing and attractive. They want customer experiences to be smooth and memorable so that they return for more. To do this, they hire UX and UI designers who work closely with relevant stakeholders to create powerful designs and smoothen the customer journey. 

You may have come across many specialization courses in these fields while browsing the web via your Super internet deals. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in either of them, then this blog is for you. Find out about the different job roles of UX and UI designers to select a career path that suits you best. 

A good user experience and usability design will make the customer happy about the experience.

What Is UX Design?

A UX Design or User Experience agency revolves around the interaction of a customer with a product, app, or website. It will allow him/her to easily navigate through the interface of the app, website, or product. The user will be able to checkout, make a payment, and buy a product with ease. 

UX can be both physical or digital. It is primarily about a user’s journey to complete a particular task. Good UX designs follow the standard accessibility guidelines from WCAG as well. This also allows differently-abled people to make transactions with ease.

Job Role of UX Designers

UX designers conduct market research before finalizing the requirements for an app or website. Next, they interact with the target customers to find out their needs. Following this, they conduct a competitor analysis to find out what their competitors are doing. They note down important details and finalize the unique selling propositions for their unique product to make it stand out from the rest. 

UX designers create wireframes to gain a basic understanding of how their final product will look like. They share product flows with customers to get their feedback. They also incorporate user feedback to create flow diagrams detailing the customer experience for different aspects of the product. For example, UX designers usually create flowcharts to detail the complete checking out process. Then, they share the development guidelines with the UI designers so that they can begin working on the project. Once the product is ready, UX designers conduct usability testing to see if it’s working as intended. If any improvements are required, they share them with the UI designers. This continues to happen until a satisfactory product is ready. 

What is UI Design?

User Interface is about the visual elements, graphics, and images that allow users to interact with an app, website, or product. All the buttons, menu tabs, sliders, and colors are a part of UI designs. Good UI designs will make it easier for customers to easily navigate a website and execute tasks with ease. Thus, resulting in a smooth customer experience. Menus, profile page section, and news feed are also a part of UI designs. 

Job Role of UI Designers

After user testing, UI designers sit down with UX designers and obtain all details and wireframes from them. Next, they use different software tools to create mockup designs. Following this, UI designers finalize primary colors, sizes, and shapes of different static as well as dynamic elements. These include buttons, scrollbars, menu tabs, and banner images, etc. They also create logo designs for the project. One of the key tasks of UI designers is to create styles guides. They are also responsible for creating responsive designs that can function smoothly across different devices. 

Basically, it is the UX designers who have to create the master plan for any project. UI designers, on the other hand, have to create the designs to provide the customer experience that UX designers agree upon. Based on your skillset in either field, you can opt for a suitable career path.

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