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WhatsApp recently launched a self-service CRM solution. It allows businesses to keep tabs on their customers’ activity on the app. WhatsApp has been disrupting the sales industry for quite some time now. For businesses to compete on a level playing field, they have to understand how to communicate with their consumers in a seamless manner. CRM solutions are considered a great platform to manage all that.


Over the past two years, WhatsApp has gained over a million new businesses in its user base. Businesses that have used the platform are reporting lower customer churn and increased customer retention. WhatsApp has partnered with companies like Salesforce, Oracle and Adobe to provide customers with CRM solutions that they could integrate seamlessly with their existing systems. In May 2018, WhatsApp entered a partnership with SAP to provide a self-service CRM solution.


How does WhatsApp CRM work?


The customer service team at WhatsApp works closely with customer care managers in every business in the world, helping them build better support centres, offer targeted services, and grow their revenue. The WhatsApp CRM provides all this, in an easy-to-use and secure way.


Through the WhatsApp CRM, businesses can communicate with their customers. They can make appointments, offer help, and keep tabs on customers’ activities on the platform.


WhatsApp CRM for sales


The WhatsApp CRM allows sales professionals to create targeted profiles for their customers, and keep track of their contact history. The CRM allows sales professionals to track the number of messages, calls, and requests they receive from customers. For this to work smoothly, the team at WhatsApp.


When a customer contacts the customer care, the sales representative. WhatsApp uses the data collected in the CRM system. The insights gathered from the analysis of the data enable the sales team. The insights are used to provide a simple message about the next steps to resolve the customer’s issue. To read the full story, visit our partner page for a demonstration of the WhatsApp CRM.


WhatsApp CRM and how it helps sales people


Businesses can provide customer support, attend calls, address queries from customers. This creates an opportunity for the sales team to learn more about the customers, and the preferences they have. At times, customers require assistance that does not fall in the product area of the sales representatives. They need help with general queries and troubleshooting issues that are not related to their product.


With the help of WhatsApp sender CRM, a salesperson can quickly identify these type of enquiries and respond to them promptly. This helps build rapport and show that the representative has the customers’ interests at heart.


WhatsApp CRM and use of customer data


The WhatsApp CRM helps the sales team be more productive. In today’s world, customers are inundated with a variety of services and offers. The number of companies to go through can be dizzying.


This means that businesses need to keep track of their customers’ behavior. They need to know which features and functions a customer uses the most, and which things they need help with. It is the sales representative’s job to keep track of this. They need to be aware of each customer’s preference and what motivates them to buy.


By using the WhatsApp CRM, salespeople can create customized dashboards that show customer insights, and how their communication and support are being received. These dashboards also help the sales team learn what customers like or dislike. By finding out where their prospects might be and whether the product or service they want to buy is something that the customer really needs, the sales representative can narrow down the scope of the initiative.


With the help of the CRM, a salesperson can be aware of the reasons why customers are disloyal to the business. The salespeople can use this knowledge to form a better understanding of their customers. This gives them a better chance to retain their existing customers and add new ones.


How the CRM helped Lerer Hippeau


The CRM and the WhatsApp app are used to improve customer service. The data provided by the WhatsApp CRM for sales team helps the business make decisions on what initiatives to introduce next. The sales representatives use the insights to improve their service delivery, and give customers a better experience.


Sales reps also use the CRM to run automated insights reports. This helps them keep an eye on customer service performance. As a result, the sales team improves their relationships with customers, and makes it easier to answer their queries.


Customer requests


Lerer Hippeau uses the CRM to manage customer requests. This is the primary purpose for the CRM as it’s the only app that is integrated with all of the various systems. The sales team has access to the app, so they can easily track customer support enquiries. Using this, they can ensure that the sales team is taking care of the most important customers.


A team of five people manage a list of 800 customers. With the help of the CRM, these salespeople can develop a more thorough understanding of their customers. Using the CRM, they can identify whether the customer has been happy with the service or whether the sales rep could have handled the query differently.


The solution lets the sales team send automated notifications whenever the customer calls, or has an issue. This helps the team be more organized and deliver the best possible support to the customer. The WhatsApp CRM has been highly praised for its customer support and its ease of use.


When it comes to this app, the customer experience is one of its main selling points. In today’s world, customers want the chance to interact with companies in their native language. With the help of the WhatsApp CRM, businesses can deliver this.


Digital marketing


Lerer Hippeau relies heavily on digital marketing to help them achieve their business goals. With the help of the CRM, the sales team can organize their social media channels to help them understand the customers’ expectations. For example, the company’s Facebook page is used to provide information on new campaigns and announcements. When the team interacts with customers, it can better understand the nature of the conversations and tailor its social media activities to better fit them.


The WhatsApp CRM also has a feature that lets businesses see how customers interact with their online marketing. This allows the team to tailor their strategy for generating leads, and then use that data to make more relevant advertising campaigns.


This feature was particularly helpful for Lerer Hippeau. The team has discovered that customers are more likely to respond to digital advertising if they know they can talk to a sales rep in their own language. The WhatsApp CRM provides marketing teams with the information they need to make informed decisions about how to reach new customers. The wa sender extension also available on google check it.


Because of the WhatsApp CRM’s popularity, many businesses are choosing to integrate the CRM into their existing systems. This helps them stay up to date and deliver the best possible customer experience.




The success of a business can largely depend on its ability to provide high-quality customer service. By integrating the WhatsApp CRM into its business, Lerer Hippeau has improved its ability to give customers the service they want.


Now that the company is using the WhatsApp CRM, the team has more access to customer information. The knowledge gained about their customers can be used to make smarter marketing decisions. This means that the team can be more consistent with their offers, thereby ensuring that they can better deliver a great customer experience.


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