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Performance AnxietyPerformance Anxiety

How do you feel when someone asks you to speak in public ? Do you feel a sudden rush of anxiousness in your body ? It is quite normal to feel nervous or anxious when you are speaking in public or giving an interview. But when this anxiety further progresses and stops you from doing the work you love and enjoy, it could lead to what medical researchers call performance anxiety. People often face performance anxiety in maintaining healthy sexual relationships.

Sexual tension can lead to some erection difficulty as well and that creates a need for medicine like Cenforce 100 and viagra.

Performance anxiety is defined as extreme nervousness and tension that one might experience before or during a particular task that involves an audience. It is also termed as stage fright which means anxiety and panic caused by the thoughts of performing. Sexual performance anxiety is experienced when a person constantly worries about his or her sexual performance that it creates problems in maintaining intimate relationships. Sometimes sexual performance anxiety could also lead to erectile dysfunction. Medicines like Cenforce 100 and viagra can help in treating erectile dysfunction. Performance anxiety is clinically diagnosed as social anxiety disorder. People who have performance anxiety feel chronic fear and worry about failing at a task before it even happens. They have a constant fear of their actions leading to humiliation and rejection.

What Are The Symptoms Of Performance Anxiety ?

Every person is unique and may experience performance anxiety symptoms differently. Some of the common symptoms experienced by people suffering from performance anxiety are as follows.

  • High blood pressure
  • Thoughts of fear of failure
  • Dry mouth and tight throat
  • Trembling hands and voice 
  • Nausea and feeling uneasy 
  • Headache and lightheadedness
  • Sweaty and cold hands and feet
  • Rapid breathing and racing pulse
  • Excessive sweating and heart palpitation

If the following symptoms have been experienced more often than usual by an individual perhaps it is time to go and see a mental health expert.

 Mental health experts who are psychologists or a physiatrist  can treat patients suffering from anxiety and other mental health related illnesses. By proper medication and therapy patient’s can see vast improvement in their medical condition.  Couples who are having relationship difficulties often seek couples therapy as an option of treatment. The treatment could involve prescribing medicines like Cenforce 100 and viagra if one is suffering from erectile dysfunction.

What Are The Different Types Of Performance Anxiety ?

There can be many types of performance anxiety that one can experience. It is basically one’s ability to perform a specific task that makes a person nervous and worried and ultimately leads to performance anxiety. Some of the common performance anxiety experienced by people are as follows.

Sexual performance anxiety: Sexual performance anxiety is defined as fear and worry about having sexual intercourse. It is developed when a person becomes extremely conscious about his or her body image and looks. Nervousness regarding sexual satisfaction can also lead to sexual performance anxiety. If a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction and is worried about his sexual performance then he can take medicines like Cenforce 100 and viagra to get an erection.

Stage Fright:  Stage fright is defined as an intense fear to perform in front of an audience. Actors, public speakers often experience stage fright before and during their performance. Sometimes stage fright is also termed as social phobia and is diagnosed as a social anxiety disorder.

Assessment: People can experience extreme performance anxiety when they are about to sit for a competitive exam or give a job interview. The fear of failure keeps the individual continuously worried and tense which might affect their performance drastically.

These are not the only categories of experiencing performance anxiety. Anyone regardless of their age, gender and race can experience performance anxiety relating to any particular task.

If the symptoms of the disorder are recurrent and getting worse then one should immediately seek medical help. Men who have erectile dysfunction and are facing difficulty in maintaining intimacy in a relationship can take Cenforce 100 and viagra.

How To Prevent  Performance Anxiety ?

First, a mental health expert would do a number of diagnostic tests including designed interviews and various assessments to know more about the patient. The complete medical history of the patients along with the symptoms experienced would be examined in detail to know the reason behind the occurrence of the disorder. A mental health expert would recommend a number of ways in which performance anxiety can be treated.

 The treatment would consist of taking medication and going for therapies like  cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic therapy and group therapy that can significantly help in dealing with social anxiety disorder. People experiencing sexual difficulties in having an erection can take medicine like Cenforce 100 and viagra to treat erectile dysfunction. However they should never try to self medicate by taking a pill like Cenforce 100  because it can have certain side effects or might react negatively with other medicines. It is important to get a medical opinion before taking pills like Cenforce 100.

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