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Switzerland is one of the top growing economies in the world. It is attracting tourists from all over the world. However, there are certain things about health insurance in Switzerland that you should know if you want to settle there or are already a Swiss citizen. Every person must get Health Insurance in Switzerland. Even a newborn has to get health insurance within three months of his birth. If you are trying to get health insurance in Switzerland, then here is a guide to get the best rate. 

Types of Health Insurance in Switzerland:

There are two types of Health Insurance in Switzerland. The first is Basic health insurance that you have to get at any cost. You are to take the Basic policy within three months, and the other is Supplementary insurance. However, both of these insurances have specific benefits and defects. You can compare different health insurance agencies to know which one suits you the most. The best thing for you is not to forget the health insurance comparison in Switzerland to get the best rate.

The average cost of Switzerland Health Insurance:

The average cost of Health Insurance in Switzerland varies from company to company. If you want to go for Health Insurance Premium, you should know that it is costly, but you can get discounts in specific ways. Even the health insurance companies can increase the price yearly by a small percentage. Another important thing is that the cost of health insurance and the increase depends on your lifestyle, such as your living, job, and everything else. Furthermore, the plan that you choose also determines the health insurance cost and the facilities. The average price of a Basic standard plan for a monthly premium can be 279 Fr. from one company and 325 Fr. from another company.  It shows that the average cost varies from firm to firm, plan to plan, and person to person. 

Compare different Health Insurance Companies to Get the Best Rate:

There are different health insurance comparison sites[Refer English and Italian] that you can check before registering for any health insurance. To get the best rate you should first check and compare all the companies, only then will it be possible for you to choose the best one with a low price. Apart from online sites, there are specific offline sites, and you should not forget to check all of them. 

Which Areas in Switzerland provide the Best rate to Get Switzerland Health Insurance?

The region in which you live or want to settle also determines the amount of Health Insurance that you have to pay. To get the best rate, you should decide and get Health Insurance from Appenzell Innerrhoden as you can get health insurance for only 348 CHF. Similarly, in Ury, Zug, Obwalden, and Nidwalden, you can get health insurance only for 369, 376, 379, and 361 CHF, respectively. These areas can give you the best rate for Switzerland Health Insurance compared to regions like Basel-Stadt, Geneva, Jura, and Vaud, which provide 567, 554, 488, and 495 CHF. Therefore, to know more about this health insurance, you must not forget to make a health insurance comparison in Switzerland online and offline so that you can get the best rate.

How to get the best rate of Switzerland Health Insurance if you are an EU citizen?

If you are visiting Switzerland for less than three months, you can get the best rate of Health Insurance in Switzerland if you have a European Health Insurance Card. EHIC will help you to get a discount on health insurance. 

Pay the lump sum in one go to Get the Best Rate of Switzerland Health Insurance

The best way to get the Switzerland Health insurance at the best rate is to pay the premiums upfront and not every month. By paying it upfront, you can get a 2% reduction on Health Insurance Premium in Switzerland. 

Increase your deductible to Get the Best rate Health Insurance in Switzerland

You must know that the higher the deductible amount, the lower your premium will be. The deductible range in Switzerland is from 300 to 2500 francs in Switzerland. Despite all this, you should always be aware that you have to pay a high cost if you go for the maximum deductible and need medical care at any time. Whereas, if you are healthy, then it can benefit you a lot. 

Family doctor model and Health Insurance at Best Rate in Switzerland

Another way to get the best health insurance rate in Switzerland is by opting for the family doctor appointed or suggested by the Insurance Company. He will look after all of your treatment, and when necessary, he will send you to a specialist. If you go for a family doctor, it can help you to save almost 20% on your health insurance. 


Thus the article shows the fact that healthcare is expensive in Switzerland along with the health insurance policies. Nonetheless, you can get it at the best rate by simply following the article’s specific steps discussed in detail.

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