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Thunder VPN is acknowledged as a lightning-fast application that provides free VPN services. Lots of people prefer to use it as they are not required to configure it. All they need to do is click a button and begin to access the internet, being anonymous and secure. Additionally, it also encrypts people’s internet connection. As a result, third parties fail to track their online activities. So, it emerges as more secure compared to a usual proxy. If you use Thunder VPN, you can browse sites safely, particularly when you use public Wi-Fi.

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Detailed information on Thunder VPN for PC

Thunder VPN for PC seems to be an excellent choice as this free VPN client proposes free VPN proxies. Hence, people get a golden opportunity to unblock apps and sites. This way, they can gain access to even confined resources. You can download Thunder VPN for iOS, PC, Mac, Windows, and Android utilizing an Android emulator.

Exceptional features

Thunder VPN for personal computers has several features. It proposes lots of features to its users, including high-speed and easy connectivity. A few popular and effective characteristics of Thunder VPN for Windows, Android, and Mac are mentioned below:

  • The huge availability of lots of servers.
  • People do not need to pay any sign-up or registration fee.
  • Thunder VPN works with LTE/3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi, besides other mobile data carriers.
  • High-speed bandwidth.
  • Highly designed UI.
  • No limitations on usage.
  • To use Thunder VPN, you need not take additional permissions.
  • Thunder VPN is exceptionally fast.

Today, this application is available in English only, but soon, it will be obtainable in other languages, too.

The benefits of VPN

The finest VPN application is found with several benefits, and some of them are:

  • Does not reveal personal details – VPN hides people’s information without any botheration. Hackers utilize various techniques to get sensitive information when people try to browse social media or banking websites. They also attempt to impersonate people by utilizing this piece of info to access their bank account details or credit card details. However, a VPN provides a higher security level and does not permit anyone to get access to these details. VPN utilizes military-grade encryption that assists people in keeping their data secure.
  • Secured network – VPN also secures the network. Lots of suspicious people watch the activities of other people without their knowledge. Most of the time, they also monitor their internet activities. However, they can avert this by utilizing a reliable VPN service.
  • Does not allow data throttling – When people utilize a specific amount of data that seems available to them, their ISP slows down the internet services. But if they use a VPN, they can avoid this because their ISP does not allow them to track their activities. Hence, they can watch their preferred content in the absence of bandwidth limitations.

Shield your network

Thunder VPN for PCs keeps a user’s network shielded. This software app proposes lots of useful features; hence, users can enjoy high-speed and easy connectivity. They can also unblock applications and sites to gain access to even restricted resources. 

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