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Motorcycle Packing Tips

Is it your first-time setting off for a multi-day road trip or last experience’s luggage wasn’t adequate? You have landed on the right page here is what to carry on your motorbike trip. 

Without any doubt, we agree with the statement that motorcycle trips are full of adventures. But it’s not as simple as traveling in a car. A motorbike trip is more fun; it gives you a chance of exploring new exciting places but has high safety risks and doesn’t give you the space luxury, that’s why packing can be more challenging. Carrying the essentials on your bike trip can is usually done in saddlebags or tank bags which are mounted onto bikes other than that you have the option of carrying them in your trunk bag. We will guide you through what you need on your motorcycle tour.

  1) Clothing

It is the most obvious thing that you carry in your traveling tours. But people usually fill all the space in the bags with clothes that are not what you should do. First consider the weather of the routes, for how many days you will stay on the road what your destination is, and pack accordingly. 

Draft the list of clothing that you will be needed, manage the space in the tank bag. We would suggest you carry cheap clothes from thrift stores that you can layer on in clothes and donates as it gets warmer. And one most important thing is to wear the proper motorcycle riding jacket. You can wear it under your hoodies or on top of it but I prefer to wear it on top.

  2) GPS Navigation Unit

We know bike riders love maps, but you cannot look and find your routes by them during a ride. We know your smartphones can be a quick replacement for navigation units, but there is no substitute for a specialized motorcycle-specific GPS. They come with ride-friendly features like waterproof glove friendliness, voice guides, map updates, trip-planning & pins of the nearest gas station.

  3) Toiletries

You are going on a multi-day trip, do not neglect your hygiene meanwhile. You can get all the required items after reaching the destination or at a mid-way stay, but you should rely on the chances. We would recommend you pack your toiletries like soap, sanitizer, pharmaceuticals, wipes, toothbrushes, moisturizers, grooming supplies, sunscreen, towel, etc. Make sure you place them at a location that is at the top of your reach all the time. 

  4) Flat Repair Kit

Motorcycle tires these days give good grip in both dry & wet weather conditions & usually run on roads for hundreds of miles. But no matter how high the quality or how much expensive you tire all of them are vulnerable to road cuts & punctures & a flat is the last thing you would want on your journey. If you run on a tubeless tire, a flat repair kit will get you moving on your route till you hit the gas station. 

  5) Food

It is the basic necessity that a man needs under all circumstances. Nobody wishes to starve on their road trip. It not only weakens you but also reduces the quality of your journey. So carrying your food on the route is the best idea. You might get into situations where you’re unable to find anything for eating. Same as motorcycles, your body needs fuel for proper functioning & staying alert.  Food & water serve as fuel for the human body. So don’t forget to stock them up. Pack some healthy snacks, coffee & travel-friendly food items.

  6) Fuel Siphon

Everybody wants to enjoy the best on their trips but another inconvenience that might happen on your motorcycle tours is running out of fuel. Adventure & sport riders usually carry extra fuel with them. There are bike-mounted kits and containers in which you can carry them safely and easily. This way you can keep moving on the road till you hit the next gas station.  

  7) Rain suite  

Another obvious inconvenience that usually happens on routes is rain. Weather forecasting is not the exact science, unwelcomed rain can happen even in summers. While traveling in cold winter rain makes you learn what it is. That’s when you realize what wonders a rain suit is capable of doing. Getting cold is one thing but getting cold while being wet is certainly the thing nobody ever wants regardless of the fact while they are riding or not. So get yourself prepared all the time and be ready to welcome the unexpected rain. Never forget to carry a raincoat and waterproof boots with you wherever you head out on a bike. 

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