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Potholes, uneven road, and stony tracks – tyres have to withstand a lot. As the direct link between the car and the road, they are susceptible to stress. They must be replaced from time to time to ensure that they always roll reliably. This means that the tyre, i.e. the rubber, must be removed from the rim and changed. And this has to be done by a specialist. A car tyre services provider does more than remove rubber from the rim and replace a tyre.

Australia-based Racecourse Tyre and Auto provides services that can improve the life of your car tyre. A tyre costs a lot to replace; a regular visit to a car tyre services provider can save you from such expenses. A car tyre services provider can help with:

  • Replace Tyre tread –

If the tyre tread is worn out, it is recommended that the tyres be replaced. Tyre tread should be inspected regularly. The majority of tyre manufacturers include tread wear indicators to facilitate the detection of tyre wear. Additionally, a tread depth gauge can determine the tread depth.

  • Punctured or cut tyre –

Consult a tyre professional to determine whether the auto wheel repair or replaced. Deep cuts and punctures degrade the tyre’s internal structure, resulting in tyre damage. Tyres with tread cuts larger than 6 mm in diameter are judged hazardous to drive. Consult a tyre specialist and have these damaged tyres changed.

  • Replace Tyre bead 

If the tyre bead is distorted or damaged, it is advised to replace it.

  • Replace Tyre 

It is advised that you replace your car’s tyres every ten years or after 40,000 or 60,000 kilometres. Even a well-maintained tyre must be replaced after ten years of use or storage.

When it comes to replacing tyres, it is usually preferable to purchase new ones because they provide superior mileage, performance and make driving a safer experience. The following are some of the advantages of replacing your tyres. Demand for Automobiles are increasing in todays times which leads to increase in pollution.

The Advantages of Purchasing New Auto Tyres

It is far more economical to acquire new tyres than to pay for a costly repair necessary due to old and worn tyres. After all, the only thing that separates the car from the road are those tyres; therefore, consider the following significant benefits of tyre service:

  • You get a better experience –

Drive your car with worn tyres and then hop in with new ones installed; you’ll be amazed at the difference in feel, control, “grasp,” and general smoothness.

  • You maintain proper traction —

Your tyres will be able to deliver superior performance, allowing you to drive however you like.

  • You get better mileage –

We all want to obtain the most mileage possible from a gallon of gas, and tyres are a significant factor in reducing fuel efficiency. Not only are incorrectly inflated tyres dangerous, but so are tyres that are not balanced, mounted properly, or chosen correctly.

  • You are more secure

A blowout or flat tyre can quickly result in an accident, and abrupt braking or quick turns are ineffective with worn tyres. You are safer when you have tyres that provide enough traction, performance, and durability.

Tyres are an integral part of basic auto repair and maintenance. Unfortunately, many vehicle owners put off tyre service until necessary. We are automobile enthusiasts at Racecourse Tyre and Auto in Cranbourne, Australia. We provide car tyre, auto, and wheel services in Cranbourne. Contact us today to learn more.


The quality of your tyres can make a significant difference in your driving experience. Tyres are astonishingly complicated products. All of the tyres that you see available in a tyre store may appear to be in fine condition.

However, just because they look similar does not mean they perform the same function. There could be significant design differences between these tyres.

At first inspection, each new tyre’s tread pattern may appear convincing. Unfortunately, you cannot see the material utilised to make the tread pattern, the compounds, and the chemicals employed.

This is where automobile tyre service suppliers come in. Contact your local automobile tyre services provider today to ensure your tyres are not worn out or needs replacement.

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