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What We Eat Leads to Erectile Dysfunction <![CDATA[What We Eat Leads to Erectile Dysfunction]]>

What We Eat Leads to Erectile Dysfunction Andrew McGuire Ae you in search of What We Eat Leads to Erectile Dysfunction The U.S. is fat and getting fatter. The CDC reports that more than 1 in 3 American adults are pre-diabetic. Left unmitigated, without exercise and weight control these pre-diabetic cases turn into full type 2 diabetes in 15-30% of the cases. If this continues, 1 in 3 Americans will be full blown diabetic by 2050. Why does this matter you ask? Diabetes mellitus is the most common risk factor for ED, a man with diabetes is 3X more likely to experience erectile dysfunction. Metabolic conditions such as diabetes are strongly correlated with more inflammation in the body that then leads to endothelial dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction has many types of treatment if vascular issues are at its root; acoustic wave therapy being the leading long term treatment. Endothelial dysfunction is a term that covers diminished production/availability of nitric oxide and/or an imbalance in the relative contribution of endothelium. In its most basic form endothelial cells are responsible for vascular relaxation and contraction and equivalently blood flow. Diabetes <=> Inflammationó Vascular problems ó Erectile Dysfunction The picture we are trying to paint for you here is factual in nature. Moreover, an examination into why so many more cases of ED as compared to decades prior is in order.

Processed Sugars Refined Flour Saturated Fats
Fried Foods Dairy Excess Alcohol
Fast Food Artificial Sweeteners & Additives SEE BELOW…
Now Americans eat more foods that cause inflammation than ever before. These culprit foods actually cause a chronic inflammatory state within the body. This chronic state can lead to a host of problems including diabetes, obesity and many other metabolic and digestive diseases. Here are just some o f the general categories of food that lead to a state of low grade, chronic inflammation in the body:   PROCESSED MEATS and GRAIN FED MEATS IN EXCESS LEAD TO INFLAMMATION Cows, chickens and pigs are not meant to eat grains. Cows are meant to pasture on grass in the field. Chickens naturally eat plants, wild seed, insects and worms. Pigs are natural omnivores and will eat almost anything: plants, roots, fruits, vegetables, nuts and meat. Meat production is big business and animals are now forced to eat cheaply produced grains that fatten them up quicker and cheaper. This goes against nature. Imagine only eating rice pudding all day, everyday… yes you could survive, but undoubtedly a host of problems would arise. Your immune system is directly linked to what you eat, just as the cows, pigs and chickens. Our collective immunology is now interlinked with a meat producer that chooses cheap corn products to its animal we then buy and ingest. Since these animals don’t follow their natural, evolved diet over thousands of years, their immune systems don’t operate properly. They are pumped full of antibiotics that are then passed to humans as we ingest the meat.  The inflammatory Omega-6s in corn feed is passed to us. The inflammatory saturated fats are inherent in the meat. We are in a constant state of inflammation due to our body thinking we are under attack due to the passed through antibiotics and hormones in the animal feed; all of these factor are like us bathing our skin in poison sumac every day. Our bodies are constantly inflamed and this is clinically proven to lead to endothelial issues… Erectile dysfunction can somewhat be thought of as a mechanical problem of liquids moving through constricted passageways, when these passageways are malfunctioning erectile dysfunction rears its head a s but a symptom of a more pervasive lifestyle health concern. To read more about vascular issues and how they cause erectile dysfunction and possible treatment options click here.]]>

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