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Varicose veins may be common, but they may cause several issues in the human body and even tell that you have some unseen disease. These veins mostly appear in the legs, ankles, and feet. Talking about how they look, they look like they are bulging out from the skin surface. According to the experts, such as the vein institute of SC, people with old age, pregnancy, and overweight are likely to have them. If you are concerned about what they will do to your body after you notice them, you should find it out below:

Symptoms of varicose veins

You can notice them because they can be seen on your legs without any effort. Some of the issues that you can experience are:

  • Muscle cramps
  • A feeling of achy and heavy legs
  • Burning and throbbing sensation in your legs
  • Pain and discomfort around these veins
  • Swelling in your ankles and calves

The study has also revealed the fact that these symptoms are more aggressive during hot weather and if you have visited any hot places. This is because the veins may get dilated in hot temperatures, which makes it difficult for them to work properly. If you sit or stand for a long time, these symptoms may get worse and even cause pain in the affected area.

Getting some immediate relief

If you want to have some comfort from this medical condition, you can follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Elevate and stretch your legs– One of the most effective ways to get immediate relief is to stretch your legs. It will help veins to pump the blood back to the heart in an easy manner. Additionally, elevating your legs can also make the entire process easier for the damaged veins. It will reduce the heaviness in the legs.
  • Exercising on a daily basis- By doing so, you are making the blood flow run smoothly from one part to another in a body. This will reduce the amount of work, your veins have to do and hence, give you some relief from the discomfort in your legs.
  • Drink plenty of water- We don’t understand the importance of hydration. To stay healthy and fit, we must drink a lot of water. It not only eliminates the toxins from the body but also keeps blood circulation proper.

In any case, seeing a vein specialist is the best bet, and you must visit him once to know its effects.

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