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Buying YouTube subscribers is a strategy many marketers have used to boost their channels, but it’s also a strategy that can backfire. Here’s what you need to know about buying YouTube subscribers and why it can be risky.

What Is Buying YouTube Subscribers

You may have heard that buying subscribers is against the rules and can get your account banned, this is not true. Buying subscribers is not against YouTube’s terms of service, so it’s perfectly fine to do so.

However, if you buy fake views or other kinds of engagement from bots like likes and comments, this will violate their terms of service and could result in demonetizing your videos or even removing them altogether from their platform.

How To Buy YouTube Subscribers

The best way to Grow YouTube subscriber base is to be sure that you are buying from a reputable service and you want to make sure that the followers you are getting are real, and not just bots or fake accounts that will disappear after a few days.

It’s also important to do your research before purchasing followers from any service, as there are many scammers out there who offer low-quality services at an incredibly low price point under $10. These sites tend not only deliver low quality followers but will also cause your account to be flagged by YouTube as spammy or fraudulent if you buy too many subscribers at once.

Benefits of Buying YouTube Subscribers

There are many benefits to buying YouTube subscribers, for example, if you’re trying to build up your subscriber base and increase the number of views your videos receive, buying subscribers may be a good idea. 

This can help build momentum around your channel and make it more attractive for other viewers who might want to subscribe themselves.

If you’re looking for new ways to grow your business or brand through social media marketing–and specifically through YouTube–buying followers can be a great option. 

By building up this kind of organic growth from within, you’ll have a much better chance at building real relationships with potential customers or clients than if they were just coming from an advertisement placed somewhere else online.


Buying YouTube subscribers is a gray area, but there are ways to avoid getting scammed, you can find reliable providers by doing your research and asking for references from other customers. 

Also, make sure that you’re buying real people who will engage with your content over time instead of just boosting numbers on their own accounts.

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