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Experts frequently discuss the advantages of concierge medicine for those who would benefit from more convenient access to a physician. It is true that finding a concierge doctor who is willing to take the time to get to know you and understand your condition is invaluable when dealing with a serious health problem. This is a major advantage of the calabasas concierge medicine model. 

But suppose you look and feel fine.  Going to the doctor, concierge or not, on a regular basis is a must. It is similar to getting an oil change for your car. Preventative measures and early fault detection are both facilitated by regular servicing. But why should you invest in concierge medicine if you are otherwise healthy?

Of course, only the patient themselves can answer that question. Nevertheless, even healthy people can use the following concierge doctor perks.

When you require medical attention, you can turn to the concierge doctors. 

Our schedules are jam-packed. If you are a hard-working parent juggling your own hectic schedule, a student juggling a heavy course load, or a high-achieving professional, you know how challenging it can be to find time for anything else, much alone your health.

When you have to arrange an appointment three weeks in advance and factor in a 30-minute wait in the waiting room and a 20-minute wait in the exam room, finding time in your schedule for a doctor’s visit might be difficult. With a concierge doctor, you may obtain prompt attention without having to rearrange your schedule.

Because of their practice structure, concierge physicians can focus on preventative care.

Concierge physicians see fewer patients per day than regular family physicians, allowing them to devote more time to each of their patients. Most concierge services offer longer than-average 30-minute sessions and comprehensive checkups in addition to the standard annual checkup.

Traditional primary care physicians may only spend 10 minutes with each patient. In a concierge medical practice, you and your doctor can spend more time together, allowing you to talk about your immediate health concerns and long-term aspirations.

How would you like to spend your retirement years?

While you are still in good health, you can take steps that will pay off in the long run and make it easier to achieve your objectives. Concierge physicians facilitate third, preemptive risk assessment. Your concierge doctor will have extra time to go through your medical and family histories.

Even if you seem to be in good health right now, what do we know about your ancestry that could put you at risk? Is there anything from your medical history that could cause problems down the road?

Concierge doctors typically provide more thorough checkups and diagnostic tests than general practitioners. That is one of the perks of joining a concierge medical service.

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