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The CAT 2019 exam results will be announced by the Indian Institute of Management, also known as IIM, and this year, rumor has it that it is most likely to be announced on or before January 6, 2020. The Common Admission Test, generally known as CAT, is an examination given by students and professionals who want to pursue a career in management or business administration. This examination is only valid in India. Since CAT is a gateway to get into one of the IIMs, and top-notch business schools, the students of which, would be hand-picked by companies with an attractive package. This makes CAT the most talked-about examination of all in India. And hence, comes with pressure for the examinees to stand out. 

In this article, you will be enlightened about everything that needs to be known about the CAT exam results. 

How will I know when the CAT 2019 results are out? 

The candidates who have registered, and appeared for the CAT exam will get an SMS to their registered phone number when the results are out to check it. But, the candidates must keep in mind that the SMS will not reveal their scores. Further, they can view their results on the official website of IIM CAT with their registered CAT ID, and password. The site will inform the examinee about their scores in each section, total score, and their overall percentile. The result will only be available on the website. Hence, the examinee downloads and prints copies of the original as well. The result will be available on the website for the candidate to download, only until December 31, 2020, after which, they will expire. 

What is the validity of the CAT exam result?

The CAT exam score is only valid for one year only. For example, the scores scored in 2019 will only be valid for the academic year of 2020. After which, the validity of the CAT exam expires. In case a candidate appears for two consecutive years, the candidate must submit the most recent score to the colleges and universities he/she is applying for. They cannot use the highest score of the two, but the most recent one. This is because the previous score would have expired, and therefore, would not be valid. 

The validity of the CAT exam score will remain the same even if the student has a backlog in the final year of graduation. However, the student must clear all backlogs before the final selection to be eligible for admission into colleges.  

Re-evaluation of CAT exam result

Candidates might seek reason and transparency for their final scores of the examination. Although many examinees may want a review of their scores, as of now, there is no provision of re-evaluation in CAT. The scores once allotted remain unchanged.

Nevertheless, candidates can log into the official website of IIM CAT and download their response sheet. IIM released an answer key of the CAT 2019 exam on November 29, 2019. Interested candidates can use this to compare their answers with it, and conclude the final score. 


Will the difference between the first slot and the second slot affect the CAT exam result?

The result of both the slots of the CAT examination will form the final score, irrespective of which slot the candidate has attempted. The level of difficulty between slots 1 and 2 of the CAT exam will not affect the score obtained by the candidate. This is because the scores of every candidate are scaled to do justice to the final score. It bridges the gap in the efforts delivered by the candidate to the level of difficulty of the slot. To make matters more transparent, the scaled score of the candidate will be displayed on the scoresheet as well. 

What is a good CAT score?

There is no objective answer to this question. This entirely depends upon the examinee’s preparation and performance. However, to know how the candidates generally perform, the score anywhere from 85 to 115 is considered average. To stand out, one must aim to score higher, say a score of 137. The best-scaled score of 2018 is 235.18 which is 100 percentile and that is the desired score for most Indian Institutes of Management colleges. If a candidate desires to be admitted to the tier-1 colleges or B-schools, they will have to work hard. Thus, a good CAT scaled score is what a candidate aims to score. Candidates are always welcome to take another examination if they are not satisfied with their score as there is no cap on the number of CAT exams one can take. 


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