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A career in childhood education lets you teach the children from infancy to age eight, the time when they are most open to learning. While teaching the kids, you find creative ways to help them learn new skills every day. Moreover, their laughter, happiness, or unexpected development make you feel delighted!

If you love the idea of helping children to learn and grow, childhood education certification is an ideal choice! You may find it convenient to pursue higher education to make your career dreams come true. But, sometimes, the financial or familial priorities get in the way of devoting a few more years to earn a degree. 

No doubt, you may get the chance to attain your degree later. However, in the meantime, earning an early childhood education certification (ECE) is a brilliant opportunity to advance your career! It opens a doorway to the workplace you dream about. Have a look at the five paths you can choose with this credential-

Work As A Preschool Teacher

Preschool teachers work in a variety of school types. It provides you with different options to choose a specific location, demographics, or specialization. You can work in a facility or open your own in home preschool. There are requirements that preschools have to fulfill like licenses and certification. This is a great option if you want to work in home and own your own business.

Many of the preschool teachers use storytelling and play to teach kids about the world. The valuable experience you get through teaching works as a bonus for your resume. 

Pursue Your Career As A Childcare Worker

The job title of ‘childcare worker’ is a huge pool of career opportunities. It involves caring for preschool or young children. Whether it is a daycare or childcare center, nursery or early learning facility, the childhood educators work everywhere. 

This job role allows you to contribute to the most formative years of the children. Some of the general tasks include creating a safe learning environment for kids, educating them about personal health or safety, teaching them how to communicate with the elders, etc. 

Choose The Job Role Of An Assistant Teacher

Some positions for teaching assistants require at least an associate degree. But, many educational facilities seek an ECE certificate as the minimum requirement. As a teaching assistant, you work in the classroom under the supervision of a teacher. You also get to help the children with special needs or those who need some extra time tutoring. 

You Can Provide Personal Care Aid 

Most of the job roles you are likely to get with an ECE certificate are related to schooling. But, this career path lands in the medical world. Though a personal care aide (PCA) is connected to caring for the elderly, you can also work with the children who have special needs. 

As a PCA, you work in residential settings to provide basic care to a child. Some of the tasks include administering the medications, taking the kid to doctor if necessary, preparing the child for an educational setting, etc. 

You can register yourself for a diploma in health and social care and climb the ladder to more progressive careers in the healthcare industry. 

Guide The Children As A Tutor

Kindergarten is an important year for a child’s education. And, the teachers often advise the parents to make sure that their child enters the school with specific prerequisites. Also, some kids require extra guidance and time to prepare for the upcoming school year. An in-home teacher or tutor visit homes and teach developmental skills to the children they need. 

We hope now you have an idea of where the childhood education certification can take you. These job roles only reflect the baseline of the work you will be doing. If you are passionate enough about getting the children learning things, you can turn this passion into a rewarding career with an ECE. 

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