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What are the major differences between the erectile dysfunction medications? A majority of men between 40 to 70 suffer from Erectile dysfunction (ED) at least in part however only 1 of 10 men report an inability to get sexual erections. The use of an ED drug can result in an erection strong enough to initiate the process of sexual intimacy in approximately 70% of healthy men.

Does it matter between the four different drugs for erectile disorders you are taking? “Yes there are variations,” says Dr. Louis Liou, chief of Urology at Harvard’s affiliated Cambridge Health Alliance in Boston. “For the first time patients I suggest they test different options to determine what is most effective.”

Sildenafil (Viagra) can be typically the first medication that your doctor prescribes. It’s been available for the longest, and the side negative effects as well as the medication and food products that it interacts with are and well-known.

The main obstacle in finding the right ED medicine for you could end up being the rules of your health insurance, not biochemistry. It’s the norm for insurance companies to limit the amount of pills you can purchase each month. When you reach you limit, your price you pay out of your pocket for one pill could be quite expensive. “The major obstacle for me is the price,” Dr. Liou states. It’s up to your physician to find the medicine you require at a cost that you can pay for.

What pills for erectile dysfunction can be purchased?

Alongside Viagra Other ED medications that are that are available within the United States include avanafil (Stendra) as well as the tadalafil (Cialis) and Vardenafil (Levitra). All of them improve blood flow for the penis. When combined together with sexual stimulation these drugs may cause an erection strong enough to begin and maintain a full-on sexual relationship. There’s also a rapid-dissolving variant of Levitra known as Staxyn that you place on your tongue.

One ED medication, ballooning penis , is FDA-approved for daily use with a dosage that is 2.5 five milligrams. This can help create erections upon demand. It can also ease urinary issues, including difficulties in starting to urinate, which are caused by an overly large prostate.

Cost of Erectile Dysfunction pills

The cost for ED treatment varies greatly in relation to the cost of prescriptions, co-pays, as well as the level of coverage by your health insurance. If you have private insurance that covers the treatment, you may be restricted to four doses each month. There are several things you can do to limit the cost:

  • Check around because the prices at pharmacies differ. Numerous web-based tools can aid you in comparing prices quickly. One such tool is
  • Talk to your doctor about splitting pills, and which pills you take at a higher dosage than you’ll need, and split the pills.
  • Explore manufacturer discount programs. They allow you to purchase a an unspecified amount of medication that are not covered by insurance.

How can ED pills perform?

Drugs for ED create an erection strong enough to permit intimate relations in approximately 70% of males. However, the results differ considerably between individuals. For example, a man who has damaged arteries or nerves due to the procedure to remove prostate, diabetes or cardiovascular disease won’t react as strongly in response to ED drugs. “There are certain men for which none of these drugs perform,” Dr. Liou declares.

How fast do ED pills perform?

When the drug begins working varies between 15 and 60 mins. Both Viagra or Levitra will be effective if consume them prior to eating and block the absorption. But neither Cialis nor Stendra react with food in by doing this. The time at which you begin to experience onset will determine the time you are able to have an intercourse. Daily-use and Stendra Cialis are the closest to being “on demand” erectile drug. However, using other erectile drugs requires more preparation.

How do I use ED pills correctly

Doctor. Liou says that some men seek him out after receiving a prescription from their primary care physicians who claim that the medication does not work. Sometimes it’s because they’ve used it improperly. “The most commonly held belief is that these drugs serve as an off/on switch for sexual stimulation,” Dr. Liou says. The reality is that the drugs can’t function well without stimulation. “During this time, you should have a relationship with your spouse and engage in some fun,” Dr. Liou advises. “Don’t be a slave, just do dishes or pay taxes and then get together in the bedroom hoping you’ll be ready for the day. This isn’t the case.”

How long will ED tablets last?

The ED drugs break down at different speeds within the body. The time of action varies from four hours up to one whole day (for Cialis in the higher dosages). Each dose should be adequate to give a complete cycle of sexual intercourse, starting from erection through peak.

“Will it be able to last another cycle? It’s not a guarantee,” Dr. Liou states. If you’re looking to have a sexual encounter more than once in a daily basis, Cialis will be the best option.


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