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Who is William Afton All About This Fictional Character

William Afton is a very famous personality and a fictional character who is famous because of the tragedies that occurred due to the crimes he conducted was given pen names such as The Purple Guy and SpringTrap. Physically William Afton appears as a tall and abnormal purple figure with a giant grin. He was also known as the serial killer who used to kill a dozen children and was known for the crimes he committed in those decades. Besides these criminal acts, he was also known as the founder of Fredbear’s Family Dinner and Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza which was used to shoe a set of series of motions.

How does William Afton Look Physically

William Afton is known to appear physically as a human, springtrap, and scraptrap and is seen mostly in the minigames, he is a very terrific and frightening figure. The most detailed appearance features of the purple man are depicted as the sprintrap and scraptrap in the minigames and as a human clear descriptions are not found related to the purple guy.

How does William Afton Look Physically

As a human, he is described and is revealed as a personality who is a tall skinny man. He is seen as a human in the Savethem Death minigames. The personality that is revealed as a human is a man who is tall and has a long neck along with a skinny personality. A security badge is noticed on his chest which is seen as a yellow object that also has a purple object which resembles a weapon or a tool.

William Afton’s Appearance as a Springtrap

The true personality that was revealed by William Afton was as a Springtrap which generally appears as a severely damaged Spring Boonie animatronic in which Afton was still present inside. It is noticed that the suit that appeared of the Springtrap is a drab olive color along with the darker color which is noticed on the stomach and also inside the ears of the Afton’s Springtrap appearance. Springtrap is noticed to have a design of the interior body which is machinery.

William Afton's Appearance as a Springtrap

It is noticed that the right ear of the Springtrap is missing along with the entire body that is torn completely and a single red wire which is sticking out. The nose that appears is green-brown or black and is very irregularly shaped with a square dimension due to the deterioration. The hands and feet are generally attached but the legs are entirely stripped which is exposed completely to the endoskeleton wiring and metal which mostly appears as wedge-shaped along with the exposing five toes. The torso portion of the body is exposed and the endoskeleton is of the triangle shape.

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William Afton’s Appearance as a Scraptrap

Scraptrap is known to have a similar appearance to a Springtrap and the difference noticed is the yellow color difference of the Scraptrap. He is known as a dubbed appearance personality. The appearance of William Afton as a Scraptrap is seen to be entirely organic which has a human skeleton along with the muscles along with the skeletal fingers on the right hands.

The major difference noticed between Springtrap and Scraptrap is because of the mask that is present in the Scraptrap. It is seen that in the mask the eye sockets that are present are mainly larger along with the black nose and teeth that are mainly a singular pair of overbite teeth at the top row and sharp needle-like teeth are seen at the bottom of the mouth which is smaller in size. A brain is also found which appears to be poking out from the forehead of Scraptrap along with the exposed muscles that are present on his checks.

The personality of the sadist William Afton

William Afton who is seen in many minigame series of the Five Nights at Freddy is known to be a sadist person who becomes happy when others are in trouble or are sad extremely along with the evil characteristic features that are present inside him. He used to kill children to make himself satisfied which acted as a psycho person.

He is represented as an idea of malevolence who is very brutal and harsh along with cruelty and inhuman nature. The actions he used to perform were harmful along with the cold-blooded acts showing that he has no regret or guilt for the actions he did to the people and the surrounding environment because of his sadist nature who is even willing to cause harm for his friends without having a second thought. Along with his friends and children whom he harmed without any reason shows that he has no guilt or regret for anyone.

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Series and Roles Played By William Afton

William Afton has played the role of an antagonist in the series Five Nights Freddy’s series and was first time mentioned in the game titled Five Nights of Freddy and was referred to in the newspaper as William Afton fnaf. The next series that was released which was the second series of fnaf included a minor character where fnaf Willaim Afton appeared for the first time physically and was mentioned as the main antagonist.

Further two more series were released where the third series and the fourth series. In the third series of minigames, he played a major character whereas in the fourth series, he played a cameo role.

Later, it was noticed that further series were released which were mainly based on the sister location, the pizzeria simulator along with the fnaf’s help wanted and special delivery along with the security breach. William Afton has recently released a series that was next part of the Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted where he has played a cameo role.

Wrapping Up

The end of the article can be wrapped up by mentioning the final personality of William Afton which was mainly a sadist, cold-blooded, and heartless personality who used to do criminal acts such as murder of children along with harm that caused by him to the people around him as well as his friends. He is seen in many series of minigames where he has played the major role along with the mini role and cameo roles. Fnaf William Afton is shown as a personality who does not have guilt or regret for the acts he has done to others.

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