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Who was Robert Koch? Google Doodle Google honours microbiologist Robert KochGerman scientist who won Nobel Prize for research on tuberculosis Google is honouring the great scientist who spent his whole life studying germs and how they cause infectious disease. On Sunday, Google transformed google doodle logo into a tribute for Robert Koch, who received the Nobel Prize on this day in 1905. As Google explains, Koch identified many bacteria for dangerous diseases including anthrax, cholera and tuberculosis. he was working in Imperial Department of Health in the 1880s, Koch began to do more and more research tuberculosis – an infectious disease which affects mainly the lungs but can affect other parts of the body too. during that time it was widely assumed tuberculosis was an incurable disease everyone was clueless how tuberculosis spread but Koch was sure it was infectious and went about proving it. he also prove this disease can be transmitted by breathing air, sneezes or a cough Through his experiments, using four guinea pigs, he was able to prove his theory. He also done researched other deadly diseases like anthrax and cholera. In the year 1905, Robert Koch was honoured with Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for his work in tuberculosis – although his attempt to develop a drug to treat the disease was unsuccessful. Koch is also credited with sparking a “Golden Age of bacteriology,” during which scientists discovered the causes behind 21 diseases. “Perhaps better than anyone else at the time, Koch understood that sometimes the keys to solving big problems lay in their microcosms,” wrote Google in a blog post explaining Sunday’s doodle. The doodle features potato slices, used by Koch as part of his research. The doodle also features a Petri dish with Koch’s name. According to Google, Julius Petri, its inventor worked as Koch’s assistant. Koch died in the year 1910, five years after winning the Nobel prize, In 1910, at the age of 66, he died after suffering a heart attack. Even today, the treatment of all diseases around the world has been possible only thanks to Robert Coach’s great research and discoveries.]]>

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