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Why AvaTrade is an innovative app for visionary tradersWhy AvaTrade is an innovative app for visionary traders?

AvaTrade is an innovative application for visionary traders. With AvaTrade app, you can easily access the key information with the perfect investigation of current trading situations. Even the shares, stocks and crypto currencies are also available on this AvaTrade application.

If you are very much interested in crypto currencies, definitely, the AvaTrade provides a bitcoin trading as well as other crypto currencies such as Bitcoin cash, Ethereum and Litecoin in a single click. You can also even trade stocks CFDs such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Coca Cola and so on. If you want to begin trading in a right platform, you can simply download and make use of this wonderful trading application.

The AvaTrade is really a stunning mobile application that allows forex beginners to learn trade on the go. Of course, this is a most powerful as well as an intuitive platform that will allow you trade whenever the opportunity increases and wherever you are across the globe. Since its invention, the AvaTrade has been a most inventive forerunner in the online trading.

Actually, the AvaTrade app is developed by a company, AvaTrade GO. This company was developed as a mutual determination of experts as well as financial professionals in e-commerce with the objective of achieving the web experience for retail traders. Along with AvaTrade app, this company also utilizes 37 technology products as well as services such as jQuery, HTML5 and Google Analytics.

Amazing features of AvaTrade app

If you want to trade like a legend, definitely, the AvaTrade is a right option for you to download and trade for free. Here are the amazing features of AvaTrade app that includes:

  • Live chat with multi lingual customer support of AvaTrade
  • A user friendly dashboard with intuitive management tools for clear charts, forex traders and zoom for details
  • Real time market quotes and price alerts about famous stocks CFDs
  • Trade up to 30:1 leverage on multiple instruments
  • Monitor the social trends from AvaTrade pure trader’s community
  • Lookout the market trends in real time, exclusive technology to AvaTrade GO
  • AvaTrade is a one stop shop for register and deposit directly from this app
  • A vast array of technical tools available such as RSI, Pivots, MACD and other superior indicators
  • More than 250 forex as well as CFDs trading tools available such as world’s top stocks, commodities, foreign exchange pairs and stocks and many more

Excellent customer support of AvaTrade

If you have any queries while using this app, the AvaTrade will surely provide you instant customer support through several multilingual options available. These options are including social media, live chat, fax, FAQ page, email and also through phone. Even the telephone support is given in many numbers of languages as well as countries across the globe.

The support given is very informative and prompt from the local customer support staff and also offers instant access to the customer services for the customers. Therefore, this AvaTrade app is just a broker and not the market makers, which is now regulated across the globe.


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