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Just ten years ago, the only way to find local talent for your venue was to find band or entertainer posters in your area or look at sites like Craigslist and hope that they weren’t lying.

Unfortunately, this was also disastrous for talent, who had trouble getting trustworthy customers and would have to be extraordinarily careful at all times.

Things have changed, luckily!

Talent booking apps can be an incredible tool in any venue or talent’s life!

Not only do they cut down on a lot of complications, but they also open communication.  Here’s why they’re awesome.

You Can Look At Their Ratings Ahead of Time

The most concerning thing about how talent used to be chosen is how hard it was to ensure they were who they said they were.

Luckily, most talent booking apps now allow ratings so that you can tell if they’re legit.

This means you can make sure that a violinist for hire won’t ruin your wedding and knows Canon in D Minor instead of breaking every other note of a Smashmouth song.

Talent Can Pick And Choose Their Jobs

The freedom to pick and choose jobs means that talent has more time available to them.

In addition, getting to be selective about who they work for means you can often find top-tier performers that are available when nobody else might be.

This gives them the chance to be paid what they’re worth and gives you the opportunity to wow an entire event’s worth of people by showing off your incredible performer.


You Can Compare Rates Without Talking to Them

Another perk for venues and clients is comparing rates before you even have to message a performer.

Many don’t like asking for rates in the first conversation; it can feel impersonal despite the fact that you’re trying to pay for a service.

Instead, getting the rates upfront allows you to plan and budget or look for someone more affordable for your financial situation.

Clients Can Interview Multiple Talents at Once

If you’re not sold on which talent you want to hire, that’s okay!

By interviewing multiple performers at once, you have the chance to figure out which is the best fit for you.

This also means you can choose a backup if the performer you prefer isn’t available for your job.

There’s More Variety For Both Parties

Variety is a perk that there can’t be enough of!  As the venue or client, you get to have the freedom of seeing dozens of performers.

This also means you can look at acts or talent that aren’t what you’d usually think of.

Unorthodox performances, like drag queens at a grandmother’s 70th birthday, can be fun and mix it up for everyone involved.

For talent, that means there’s a large range of job types they can do.

This allows them to become more flexible and learn how to entertain and wow a large selection of people and events!

Either way, you look at it, talent hiring apps are absolutely a plus in any business.

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