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The modern world is obsessed with the new. The new smartphone that is coming out in a couple of months. The new social media trend taking over. The new diet that will solve all your health problems, help you lose 6 pounds a week and still let you drink wine and eat chocolate… it’s all new, all promises to change your life, and all almost always disappoints. So maybe new isn’t the answer after all. Maybe instead you should go for class, quality, timelessness. Maybe, you should go vintage. 


When you think vintage things, you think fashion. The world of clothes has never been more varied, with more and more people bucking convention or established rules, to express themselves and create a look that is truly unique. What better way to make sure absolutely no one has the same look as you than to try vintage fashion. Someone asks you where you got that silk blazer? What website can they buy those printed graphic pants? Where can they find that beautiful suit? Sorry, sorry, and sorry, they don’t make them anymore. Make your look yours today with vintage fashion.


They say diamonds are forever, well they are not alone. The vintage jewellery UK is known for has exploded in popularity in the last few years and it is easy to see why. At your fingertips you have all the luxury of high-end jewellery and the experience, craftsmanship and style of jewellers spanning centuries. It really doesn’t get much better. 


Forget Flatpack, vintage furniture can not only transform your home into a time capsule, rocketing visitors back to their favourite eras, but it is built to last. No need for a 3-year warranty, you know they will never actually honour because of some silly small print, with vintage furniture, it has already lasted 10 times that long. Before the advent of plastic things were built to last, and with vintage furniture you can make sure your home is again. 

Rugs and Textiles 

Nothing ties a room together like a rug, and nothing can truly emulate the history and weight of a vintage rug. Why bother with machine made copies that feel almost like the real thing, when you can have the real thing itself? No, we don’t know either.


No matter how well-lit your room may be with modern lighting, no matter how much it emulates sunlight or is supposedly good for your eyes, nothing can match vintage lighting for warmth. There is something special about sitting in the warm, feeling cosy, snuggled up next to a vintage lamp reading, truly content.


What better to read next to your vintage lamp than a vintage book. While it is the colour of vintage lights that appeals, it is the smell of the books. Be taken back to a Dickensian library with all its idiosyncrasies as you open these fantastic old tomes and let the stories of the past wash over you. A kindle just can’t compete. 


Vintage furniture may transform your home, but it is vintage decor that completes it. Match any aesthetic with anything from vases to paperweights to make your home stand out and be remembered.

So there you have it, a breakdown of the sorts of vintage things you can pick up today, and why you would be a fool not to.

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