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Over a couple of many years back, South Korea was one of the world’s conservative social structure nations. With the rapid economic development of this nation, the current situation is totally different. To understand Korean people’s freedom, the perfect example is wealthy women Host Bar activities.  Host Bar is a place where men entertain women with alcohol. It is known as Hoppa (호빠) by its common name and abbreviation that is also close to an entertainment bar.

In the host bar, the predecessor of this place is known as the first Western-style restaurant in Korea. Moreover, a host bar does not mean that only women are accepted as customers, and a place where men mainly receive customers is called a host bar player room. However, in such a place, if the general host bar is mainly drinking with men.  There are differences in players’ appearance and speech depending on the region, but there are differences except for a specific region.

Whatever; if you want to learn more, read the article from top to bottom. By which you can get a piece of comprehensive knowledge about host bar activities.

Drinking Alcohol With Inspires Excitement:

Would you buy alcohol in a place where your customers aren’t fun? Definitely not.  Since Host Bar is definitely a bar, its main profit comes from selling alcohol. So you have to induce customers to buy alcohol, but in order to extract money from the customer, you have to order a lot of alcohol while making blarney even if the customer doesn’t like it.

Besides, it might be nice if you could get drunk in your personal recreations. Here have no risk if you have to drink alcohol harder because the host player also drinks with the guests.  Even if you drink alcohol like crazy, you have no tension; the host bar player takes care of you. However, as a host bar player, it is better to think that drinking alcohol is essential because you can expect high sales only if you drink alcohol even if it is unreasonable.

Great Income Source of Men: 

The host bar where Korean men work in many hosts bar is quite popular. Koreans also come, but foreign women take up a larger proportion. There are more tourists than locals. Most of the tourists are Japanese women, so those who speak Japanese can bring more income.

In this case, it is good to be sincere, but first of all, appearance is essential. In the host bar, it’s up to you. There is no guarantee of income, but you can make a lot of money if you work for three months. Many people earn up to 10 million won per month. Recently, an increasing number of young people are trying to become hosts. As the youth unemployment situation continues in the recession, even college students’ hosts are struggling.

Excellent Private Entertainment Source for Women’s:

Since a host bar where women sought or hired the male receptionist to spend some marvelous time with alcohol, it is clear host bar authorities target is not men, but women.  It is mainly an entertainment venue for a wealthy wife.  The host bar’s sensational popularity in each Korean city as a reportage Korean women have pinpointed the sexual customs charts of women looking for their lover.

Besides, High-end host clubs are concentrated in entertainment districts in Seoul and entertainment districts in Gangnam to women. Men’s expeditionary sex sales are also being carried out in secret that is illegal. These are the main hosts working as receptionists at entertainment restaurants in Korea. As Korean men’s preference increased in Japan due to the Korean Wave, etc., the number of host bar extraordinary service also increased, which fueled this phenomenon

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