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Watch modding is now the latest trend. Watch wearers and collectors find this activity as a fun and exciting experience, especially with the Seiko brand. It gives you the freedom to express yourself through your timepiece. 

Explore the watch customization world with proper gear. Use Seiko to help you express what you truly desire. This brand has all sorts of modification parts available at affordable prices. It makes the watch mod experience memorable.

Why Do Watch Mod?

Watch modding is not about creating watch parts, but it is replacing them. The term modding comes from “modifying.” It means changing something about your watch from the factory to the way you prefer it more to be. In other words, the wristwatch is already completed before you mod. 

But why mod? Modders customize for various reasons. 

Remove Damaged Part

Some modders customize to remove a stuck or damaged part. Instead of throwing the whole timepiece, buying a replacement part is more practical. 

Here is a good example. Ceramic crystal glass is a better choice for a chipped watch glass rather than not using the watch at all. The wristwatch still works, but the broken crystal hinders it. Replacing the damaged part lets the watch serve its purpose. Keep in mind that when you mod, make sure you can still use the timepiece afterward. 


Modding is another way of cleaning. Modders take this as an opportunity to pop and clean the whole timepiece. Even if you meant to change only the watch hands, use this chance to remove the dust and dirt inside the watch. 

Customizing is not all about adding the aesthetic part. A dirt-free and smudge-free wristwatch adds beauty as well.  

Change of Look

Watching modifications for a change of look is the most common purpose. Some wearers find the style too basic while others get bored about it. With watch modding, you can transform a vintage watch into a sleeker one. Remove the old part and replace it with the ones you prefer. 

A simple change in the bracelet creates a new vibe in your wristwatch. Replace the leather strap with a metal one as long as it matches the whole watch look. 

Less Expensive 

Watch collectors prefer to mod since it is more affordable compared to buying a new timepiece. They know watch companies will not produce a piece the way you want it. But with watch modification, you achieve the watch look you want at less expense. Just get the part that completes the watch look you like. 

Watch modders use preexisting watches to create a new aesthetic atop the same base structure. Certain watch parts replaced are the old dials, hands, and bezels. Seiko is the best choice for the flexibility range of timepieces. A ton of fitting parts are available to purchase, even a piece that has a throwback to ages ago.

Tools Needed For Watch Modding

Be well prepared before you proceed to the watch surgery. For the entire process, you need patience and steady hands. Also, gather all the tools and equipment for modifications. No worries. These are affordable. Some are just within the four corners of your home. 

  • Gloves or Finger Cots – for you and your watch protection
  • Case Back Remover – aids in taking off the watch case back
  • Crystal Presser – assist in removal and placement of watch glass
  • Cleaning Putty or Dust Blower- best tool for removing dirt and dust
  • Hand Remover – holds the watch hands in place
  • Hand Setter – set new watch hands easily and securely
  • Toothpick – most accessible tool that does a lot of work
  • Tweezer – holds and keeps the tiniest piece in place
  • Screwdriver – used for installing and removing screws 
  • Tape – keeps other parts from scratches (gorilla, masking, or electric tape will do)
  • Workspace – a table that has enough room to contain tiny, loose parts

For the best result of watch modding, invest in quality tools. If you intend to stay in this industry, begin with the less expensive one. Once you get the hold of it, spend on high-quality and quite costly tools. 

How To Watch Mod

Customizing a watch needs courage. Be prepared for all the possible outcomes. Mistakes are inevitable, but with proper guidance and compliance, it is manageable. 

1. Clean the work area

A clean workspace aids in better watch surgery. Prepare all the tools needed prior. 

2. Remove Strap

Compress the flanges on the stock strap, then pull it out gently.

3. Open Case Back

Carefully open the watch’s case back to expose the movement. 

4. Remove Crown and Stem

With a toothpick, push the lever to remove the crown and stem. Afterward, remove the movement from the casing. 

5. Align and Remove Hands

Face all the watch hands in the 12H direction. Pull it out in one swoop with a hand remover 

6. Remove Dial 

Lift the old dial from the vase with a flathead screwdriver. 

7. Replace Dial

Align the new dial’s legs first before firmly fixing it in place. 

8. Replace and Align Hands

Install the watch hands one by one. Apply the hour hand first, followed by the second hand. Use a tweezer and set it to 12H.

9. Replace Crystal

Gently punch out the old crystal with a crystal removal tool. Install the new crystal glass with gentle pressure into the case.

10. Recase and Align Movement

Put the crown and stem back and press the movement into the case firmly. Connect the new strap afterward. 

Just like that, you look like you have a brand new watch. Get the best modification parts from Seiko. 

Watch modding the perfect time to breakdown, build, rebuild, and construct the watch of your dreams. Set a new watch trend according to your fashion. Partner it with the available Seiko mods.

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