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Guide to Dating a Married Man

It is always advisable to not to get in a relationship with a married man but it may not be practical for all the women who fall in love. As a scholar once said, “You don’t decide who you fall in love with”. It might happen that you may fall in love with a married man. Being a couple is a very challenging role and when the man is married and is a partner to someone else it becomes harder for you manage the relationship and you may find your life in a mess. The waiting game in this relationship may make you very unhappy and you may never win in this game. 

Tips for Women Dating Married Men

It is a harsh truth that the women involved in a relation with married men live a life of secrecy. You may tell this secret to your friends but you may never share this with your family. So, in short you may not be your lover’s first preference even though you love him. If you do fall in love with a married man your own survival is very crucial, and you need to know the reality before you step into the relationship.

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  • Do Not Sacrifice Yourself: Think about your happiness when you start any relationship. Women are known to have sacrificed their whole life for the man they love. However, how many men do you know who have done the same for their wife? The ratio is never equal. Men always put their happiness before any relationship. However, women on the other hand tend to stop thinking about the future, their education, their ambition and only focus on the man they love. This is not a good thing to do even if the man is unmarried. Try and judge your lover and take control of your emotions. You need to make sure if this relationship is worth your time or not.
  • Harsh Reality: If you find out that the man you love is married and does not intend to leave his spouse, then he is just planning on dating you and may have dated many more before you. Such men have a pattern they use the women until they start asking for more commitment and then dump them and find another partner. If you don’t want to be used, you need to face the reality and be truthful to yourself.
  • Make It Worth It: If you think that in a relationship with a married man you are the only one who is not getting anything in return, you should make the affair worth your time in terms of finance if not move on with your life. Do not judge yourself. The man you love gets you for free then goes back to his family and plays being a good daddy and a husband and you are left waiting for him. So, you need to be smart and ask your boyfriend to support you financially. Don’t let him take advantage of you.

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