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Doing PPC On Your Brand


‘Are you crazy, my SEO is so great and is performing so well! Why should I spend money when people are already searching for my brand?’

The above is a statement made by one of our clients, whose Athleisure brand was skyrocketing thanks to digital marketing strategies we had put in place. 

When he found out that we were targeting the brand name for our PPC campaigns, he lost it. 

In the past few years, many of our clients have freaked out when they have seen our PPC reports and found out we have been targeting their brand name. The question has always been a big WHY!

In this article, we will try to understand PPC campaigns in a much better mode. Specifically, we will address this issue, and a question- why doing PPC on your brand name could be a good idea?

Brand Name Bidding: What is it all about?

In simple words, brand name bidding refers to bidding on your brand’s name and domain as part of your PPC strategy. Now you would be asking- what purpose does it serve?

Users, when they type in your brand’s name on search engines, they are going to see the brand name ad first, followed by your organic brand listing. 

For a long time, the best PPC experts have voted in favor of running low-cost and affordable CPCs on brand names. 

According to an experienced pay per click management agency, big brands bid on their brand names all the time. Take any famous brand, for example, say Amazon Prime. They run PPC campaigns on their brand name year long. 

Every time you search for amazon prime on Google, you are going to see their ad at the top of the search results followed by the organic listing. 

List of 5 Major Advantages of Doing PPC on your Brand Name

1. Helps Direct Traffic to a Specific Landing Page on the Website- 

When you run PPC campaigns on your brand name, with the help of some best tools you can use the ad to showcase a specific page on the website that you would want the customers to visit. Let us take the same example as Amazon Prime. The company runs the PPC to always present the latest movies and shows on the platform. Every time you click on it, you come to the page that lists the current shows. 

2. Allows Brands to use More Extensions than Organic Listings- 

Most experts agree on the fact that PPC listings help brands convey far more information to their audiences than organic listings. Many experts say that you should try to add as many ad extensions as possible for the best results. Try to focus on pages of your website, which you feel would benefit from increased traffic. This will help you in your organic SERPs as well. 

3. Go 1 and 2 on the Search Engine Rankings Page for your Brand- 

Why would you have just one listed when you can bombard the SERPs with the top two or three positions with your brand? Showing as many results for your brand on the rankings page is great for your brand visibility, awareness, and credibility.  It shows the audiences that you are a trusted and real brand with a great presence on digital platforms.    

4. Prevents Competitors from Bidding on your Brand Name- 

In the past few years, agencies and brands have come up with a unique and innovative way to climb above their competitors. One such way is bidding on a competitor’s brand name. This a defensive and preventive strategy that prevents your audiences from being caught by your competitors at an advanced stage of the buying process. This makes a lot of sense in real terms. 

5. PPC on Brand Name is Cheap and Affordable- 

The last thing that you would want to know is that the CPC on your brand name is going to be far less than the CPC on a high-volume keyword. This means that you will end up saving a lot of money while boosting your SERPs, branding, and organic SEO. This is why doing PPC on your brand name is a great strategy that needs to be pursued at all times. 

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, you need to control your brand mentions and communication flow. Bidding on your brand name allows you to enjoy effective and complete control in the way your brand needs to be presented in search engines in front of your target audience. 

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Shahid Shahmiri is a digital marketer by profession. He helps online businesses to grow with smart marketing tactics to achieve better sales and leads. He is passionately focused and driven to grow businesses online and can manage the marketing and lead generation process with proven tactics and experiments. Shahid is accountable for analyzing marketing, SEO, growth, and dealing with all promotional and media channels.


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