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Did you know that dancing has many health benefits?

Studies have shown that it promotes social skills, alleviates behavioral problems, and improves cardiovascular health.

If you want to maintain your fountain of youth longer, then you must pick up dancing!

One of the most popular shows in the USA’s ABC channel is “Dancing with the Stars,” catering to young and old celebrities picking up dancing in a short time. So, just remember that you are never too old to live it up.

Due to the popularity and the many health benefits, recreational dancing is being introduced at many senior retirement homes worldwide.


Here are some of the reasons why dancing is good for you.

Dancing Improves Relationships

Dancing cures the issues of social isolation and loneliness. Avoids depression and promotes longevity.

Parents of young kids take note, dancing has been shown to help foster better parent-child relationships.

Many kids lack communication skills causing tension which creates a wall between the parents and children.


Dancing Improves Overall Health

Studies have shown that dancing helped some people walk faster even when suffering from arthritis. Most likely, this was due to moving and dancing, which lubricates and exercises aching joints. Besides, their cardiovascular health improved by 13%.

Dancing helps burn calories, improves your breathing and makes you more agile.

What a great way to lose weight or maintain weight while having fun and learning new skills?


Dancing Helps Overcome Depression

The key to staying young is to find happiness. Dancing has been shown to reduce symptoms of depression down to 8.8 from 14.2. It has led to even lessen tension and calm the mind from anger and depression.

Line or group dancing prevents psychological deterioration.

Depressed people tend to isolate themselves, but nothing counteracts than feeling a sense of ‘togetherness’ or affiliation via dancing.

64% of subjects agreed strongly with the notion that dancing improved their mood.


Dancing Improves Memory

Maybe moving your body is not enough to convince you to try dancing out, but, hopefully, cognitive effects might.

When you learn something new, our brain creates new neural pathways. Health statistics show that when you dance, you learn new movements and patterns which can spill over to other memory-related functions in life.

Dancing helps with complex movement patterns in a fun way, which allows your brain to retrieve information at the moment you need it.


Dancing Promotes Cooperation

In today’s society, everyone is racing or competing for something. Dancing shows us a different way to live for those who hate the very nature of competition. It shows that it’s possible to live in cooperation regardless of race, age, sex, or status.

Line dancing is a great option to foster social inclusion. One of the health benefits of line dancing for seniors is it creates an environment of no judgment.

No one will say anything if you took longer to learn some steps or even made a mistake; everyone is dancing, and it is a group effort.


Dancing Helps Us Forget About Our Pain

A study on seniors with arthritis has shown that taking up dance classes, even just a few times, reduces pain and the perception of it by as much as 20%.

They tested subjects on their painful joint count according to the Arthritic Impact Measurement Scale (AIMS). What they found was that these seniors have decreased their pain from a scale of 4.37 to 3.47.


The Best Solution Is To Keep Moving

Dancing is something that anyone can start doing, regardless of age, to instantly feel good and have a bit more energy and vibrancy.

There’s no secret voodoo to this. Blame it on our body’s happy chemicals or endorphins that get released when we move our body.

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