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Why Netsol should be your top pick for sewage treatment plant manufacturers?

At Netsol Water Solutions, we are dedicated to offering our customers with top-notch wastewater treatment services. We offer the widest range of options to satisfy your demands and provide the finest fit. We will comprehend your requirements and offer a reasonably priced, user-friendly sewage treatment plant.

But, you must be having ample questions in mind about why must you select Netsol to be your sewage treatment plant partner?

Solutions for Sewage treatment to keep up with changes

Netsol Water is one of the highly regarded producers of sewage treatment plants in the country. We are experts in wastewater management with the knowledge and tools to guide our customers, in making wise water use decisions. We want to provide sewage water treatment solutions that are cutting edge, dependable, and flexible. 

Our degree of proficiency, industry knowledge, and attention to detail provide trustworthy products. Our sewage treatment plants can be tailored to meet the needs of certain projects. Whatever the nature of your waste issue, we can assist.

Wastewater treatment for industries

Some sort of wastewater treatment system is typically required for industrial businesses that produce wastewater as a consequence of their activity. If wastewater from your facility is improperly discharged into a publicly owned treatment works (POTW), or to the environment in violation of a National Pollutant discharge elimination system, it could potentially harm the environment, human health, and your process. 

It could also result in heavy fines and possible legal action for your facility. The facility will be able to efficiently treat the wastewater for reuse or avoid these pricey discharge and connection fees, among other significant concerns, with the best sewage treatment system.

Benefits of selecting our sewage treatment plant

1: Modern technology is used in our STPs to remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants.

2: Quality sewage treatment facilities are available in a wide range of capacities.

3: We make sure the water is suitable for refilling subsurface water supplies, or water bodies.

4: Our methods for treating sewage water are hassle-free, simple to operate, and effective.

5: Every item is factory-tested to ensure dependable functioning.

6: They have unique qualities like plug-and-play installation, enduring service, and easy operation.

But how can you pick the best sewage treatment system?

The response to this query can occasionally be somewhat complicated and is based on a number of variables. The principal things to take into account while selecting a sewage treatment plant are:

Q1: What characteristics of the producing facility’s effluent are there?

Q2: What regulations must be followed for plant discharge?

Q3: What conclusions can be drawn from a comprehensive wastewater treatability research and pilot test?

Let’s deconstruct each variable separately and clarify how these could influence your choices:

Q1: What appropriate sewage treatment system is determined by the wastewater characterizations of your facility?

The equipment that will make up the system itself is one of the main criteria, which will determine which sewage treatment system is appropriate for a facility.

Here are some crucial inquiries to answer:

1: Does the processing facility produce effluent with high BOD, oil, and grease levels?

2: Does the facility’s manufacturing process involve the use of metals like zinc, iron, lead, and nickel, which might contaminate wastewater with suspended solids?

3: Do you need to remove BOD or COD or do you need to remove excessive quantities of inorganic contaminants?

The kind of sewage treatment system that is required will be determined by all of these variables.

Q2: What regulations must be followed for plant discharge?

What your facility does with the water will define how you’re going to treat it, and what technologies will make up the system when it comes to handling wastewater.

Below are two typical discharge scenarios:

  • Wastewater discharge onto the environment

A permit is required if your facility intends to discharge wastewater into the environment. These permits, establish restrictions on what can be discharged, mandate reporting and monitoring procedures, and are put in place to guarantee that pollutants are not released in quantities, which are dangerous.

  • Dumping sewage into the neighbourhood’s municipal water system

Your local municipality may accept your effluent, but it’s likely that they will require cleaning beforehand. To make sure you satisfy their requirements, check with the publicly owned treatment works (POTW) in your community. 

In order to avoid future fines, your STP must eliminate the prohibited substances. When discharging into the nearby POTW, the facility’s sewage treatment system must address and eliminate any contaminants, present to acceptable levels.

Q3: What is the outcome of a pilot test or treatability study?

A research or test to ascertain how the sewage can be handled for your process is known as a wastewater/sewage treatability study. If the study is carried out properly, it will clearly show which contaminants are present in your wastewater stream, assisting in making sure the right treatment options are taken into account, and implemented in your STP.

When selecting the ideal sewage treatment system for your plant, this stage is of utmost importance. Running an effective treatability test can assist validate, the assumptions you’ve made about potential contaminations and methods to remove them, once you’ve identified perhaps two or three technology platforms, which fulfil your base and operational cost requirements.

What makes Netsol a leading manufacturer of sewage treatment plants?

  • Experience

We distinguish ourselves from other manufacturers of sewage treatment plants, because to our extensive experience in the field. We offer the greatest sewage treatment systems, whether you need one for a small or large-scale application. 

We keep ourselves informed of the changes in the intensely competitive market. Our best-in-class service is attested to by the pleased consumers we have, both private individuals and business clients.

  • Versatility

In addition to SBR-based sewage treatment units, we also provide MBBR sewage treatment plants, MBR sewage treatment equipment, and more. Panipat, Sonipat, Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Baroda, Gujarat, Delhi, Noida, Orissa, Haryana, and other regions across India, are included in our service areas.


Now that you are aware of the key elements to pay attention to, make sure you opt to work with an engineering firm that can assist you in sorting through all of these specifications, in order to select the ideal system. 

It will be easier for you to proceed if you are aware of the classification of the contaminants in your sewage, the applicable local effluent standards, and the outcomes of a complete treatability study and pilot test.

Choosing the best manufacturers of sewage treatment plants in India

At Netsol Water Solutions, we are committed to providing high-performing sewage treatment systems and plants, to assist industrial enterprises with their water, wastewater, and sewage requirements. We have earned a reputation for providing top-notch service and solutions, which will help our clients lower operating expenses and increase the life of their equipment.

Every purchase of these systems includes free installation, manufacturer’s warranty, and a 24-hour customer service after the sale. You can reach us via phone at +91 9650608473 or drop a mail at enquiry@netsolwater.com for additional information.

Keep up with Netsol Water Solutions blogs for water/wastewater treatment and air pollution management.

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