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Online dating for most people can be such a rollercoaster, not forgetting the stress that comes with showing up for a first date. While it is a viable option to find a life-long partner, online dating can be quite overwhelming. Unlike traditional dating, it is hard to build expectations dating someone you just met online. But why?

Here are the reasons why dating online can be overwhelming. 

Too Many Possibilities

No one really knows how the date is going to pan out once you swipe right on a match. It is hard to figure out if this person will find your vibe fantastic enough to keep the conversation going. And this is just day one when you don’t even know what your match likes. You will often find yourself worrying about what he or she might think of you before you even say a word.

Can we talk about ghosting? Have you swiped right and the match said nothing at all? Or planned a date and he or she didn’t show up? No notice, no explanation and nothing after that. Ghosting is everyone’s nightmare when dating online, but it is bound to happen.

Another thing that can make you feel overwhelmed is the excitement of knowing someone new. Some people join online dating apps for fun while others join hoping to find a life-long partner. Sometimes you might be intrigued by what’s next with this new match, and this makes it impossible to slow down and learn the person slowly.

Let’s say you get to the point where you both have agreed on a date, time and venue. But it can be overwhelming to lock yourself in with this person with the fear of missing out on other potentials. And, this makes it hard to concentrate on one person; which by all means can be super overwhelming.

Remember, there is only so much pre-screening that you can do, and it can be hard to make up your mind. You have to remind yourself that the person you are hanging out with is still a stranger to you, and there is so much to learn.

Heart and Mind Open

No one talks about how hard it can be to keep your mind and heart open. As much as you are looking for someone to date and possibly have a relationship with, it can get challenging to keep those walls up. And, in the world of online dating, most people want to skip the get-to-know-you phase and jump right in. 

You want to know there is a possibility of you and your match working things out. But, how sure are you that they are what you are looking for? And, you have to stay within the phrase, ‘hope for the best but expecting the worst.’ This, in addition to trying not to block everyone else makes it overwhelming. 

We all agree dating online can be overwhelming, but with patience and keeping an open mind, you can hack the process. Visit Perfect DM and learn tips on how to take it slow when dating online while having fun the process. 

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