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We should develop ourselves mentally and physically. Physical activity has multiple health benefits and can help college students in a variety of ways. That’s why a group of academic experts from Custom Writings writing agency has several recommendations about physical fitness for college students. So, how exactly does physical exercising helps?

Fights back depression and anxiety

It is understood that physical workout strengthens our body. Simultaneously, it brings many mental dividends. A sound mind is in a sound body. This proverb is a truth we should remember and reach this state. Students are especially predisposed to be stressed out. The most common mental deviations are depression and anxiety. Physical exercises can successfully combat all the symptoms back.

You don’t even have to work hard or long. A recent study carried out by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health showed that only 15 minutes of running decreases the risk of depression by 26%. If you cannot run or simply hate it, you can replace it with an hour of walking. The effects are just the same. Everyday walking or running releases huge amounts of endorphins. These are hormones known as the hormones of happiness. They improve our mood and overcome moodiness.

Stress Relief

Another positive side of exercising is the ability to withdraw stress. Many people don’t know that constant stress induces pain in neck, shoulders, back and even face. This happens because we are tense all the time long. There may be other unpleasant physical feelings that contribute to certain diseases. If you’re fit, you’ll avoid these negative states.

A promotion of hormones that enhance our mood, we can overcome a lot of mental deviations. Amongst such are feeling hopeless, overwhelmed, exhausted, etc.

Promotion of stem cells

One study highlighted in a New York Times article showed an improvement of stem cells of our brain. It proved that regular exercising promotes better neuron connections and thus, improves all cognitive functions.

Improvement of memory retention

The same study also showed positive effects on our memory. A group of people went on regular walking and stretching. After their brains were scanned, the scientists registered a noticeable enhancement of memory capacity.

Enhancement of focus and concentration

Another positive manifestation from physical fitness was the enhancement of focus and attention. Two studies took place in a Canadian school for learning-disabled and ADHD children and in Naperville Central High (Chicago). They showed amazing results in patients with this severe disease. Patients maintained their ability to concentrate on certain activities longer, showing the understanding of what they were doing or saying. They exercised on treadmills or bicycles for only 20 minutes. This time was enough to achieve great results.

7 Benefits from Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a professional and certified team of expert doctors of different qualifications. It holds a lot of official certificates and rewards in the sphere of medicine. Therefore, you can fully rely on the research it conducts. Recently, its staff has revealed 7 huge benefits from physical exercise. Some of them have been already mentioned above. Let’s review them.

Weight control. If you’re engaged physically, you burn calories. The kind of exercises and their insensitivity determine how much you’ll burn. Of course, a healthy diet should be also taken into account.

Prevention of diseases and conditions. Regular fitness prevents the occurrence and development of various illnesses. Among them are some serious ones. If you have your fitness regularly, you may prevent stroke, enhanced levels of blood pressure, different types of cancer, arthritis, metabolic syndrome, etc.

Mood Enhancement. The staff of Mayo Clinic also spotted the same quality as many other researchers. Fitness promotes higher levels of chemicals that improve mood and make us feel good at ease. This helps to overcome anxiety, stress, and depression.

Energy Boost. Another important benefit from physical fitness for college students is a huge boost of energy. It’s especially important for young people who have so many assignments and other worries. You will remain focused, strong, determined, and always ready for challenges.

Sleep improvement. Proper physical activity also positively affects sleep regimes. People who have some sleep deviations may improve them thanks to healthy training. Thus, they will fall asleep faster and will not wake up often through the night.

Increased sex drive. Being physical may help to return a spark into your sexual life. Proper blood pressure levels help to overcome various issues related to sex drive. Perhaps, it may show positive results.

Improved socialization. Finally, you can strengthen your social ties. It’s an enjoyable activity and you’ll definitely meet other people who undertake it. Thus, you can find new mates.

Other Dividends from Physical Fitness

Being physically engaged every day develops into a healthy habit. It also helps to stay organized and disciplined because we repeat exercises on a regular basis. There are some other health benefits you should know about. Physical fitness:

⦁ Helps to overcome bad habits (smoking, alcohol consumption, etc.);
⦁ Promotes higher energy levels;
⦁ Enhances self-esteem and self-confidence;
⦁ Promotes a positive attitude towards life;
⦁ Strengthens the body;

Besides, it stimulates your brain cells. People, who exercise regularly, have better memory and focus. Their mood is much better and this contributes to some other perspectives. For example, such people eagerly go outdoors and communicate with others. This improves communicative skills and socialization. Therefore, you should obligatorily combine exercises for your mind with exercises for your body.

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