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Gaming is not just a word its emotion and career for many these days. Before people are playing games only to entertain themselves but now motive is same but prospective is changed of many. There are only one mode before if we think about gaming, that is Computers. Well, nowadays there are many gaming platforms available like Xbox, PS and much more. Another platform which is widely adopted by many and hiking itself is a Mobile device. From playing action games, horror games, and action-adventure games, everything is possible in your small smartphone.

But recently the number of smartphone gamers are increased rapidly over PC gamers. Maybe just because of PUBG hype? Well, not sure about how it’s grown but It’s better than the traditional PC gaming. I’m, and many others are vouching for the mobile gaming over PC or playing games in a gaming console. If you are unsure about it, then here we ill discuss why mobile gaming is better than PC gaming, and why to play games on mobile instead of PC.

There are many reasons to choose mobile gaming over PC gaming. Let’s discuss the causes.


  • You can play games on the go.

There is no need to sit somewhere with your hefty computer or laptop to play video games anymore. You can play games anywhere while traveling while going somewhere and in any state. If you are waiting for your flight and getting bored, you can pick your mobile out and can play PUBG! Most of the PC games are now available in mobile format, so no need to worry anymore. Well, except for games the experience of placing free bets is better mobile when compared to desktop.


  • There’s a wide variety of games.


If you think that you will miss out the funs of playing high-end graphics games like Call of Duty and such, then don’t worry. Most of the PC and Xbox games are available in iOS and Android format. Apart from those, there are many games which are not available for PC or gaming console. You don’t need to know much to get the game installed on PC, but here you need to visit the respective app store and hit install, that’s the all you have to do.

  • Mobile technology keeps improving.

Not like before, the companies are now improving the mobile device specifications rapidly to provide the high-end device. With enhanced processing unit, better OS functionality, the tools are ready to optimize high graphics game easily. Not only the processor gives a real thrill, but the improved screen also offers much more quality experience. Mobile companies are improving internal storage and RAM to run an application such as a game that allows a person to play casino online.


If you don’t mind playing games on a small screen, then you can go with mobile gaming. Then you don’t have to play with your heavy gaming gear, and just a tiny smartphone with the better process is enough to play fantastic games. Now, if you got convinced with mobile gaming, then what are you waiting for? Just download your favorite mobile games and start playing.



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