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Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into the reasons why your next tiling project should be handled by a professional tiler in Dublin. But before we get into that, let’s first talk about what tiling is and how we can get it done in a manner that is up to industry standards.

Learn how to hire a skilled tiler for your next tiling project by reading these helpful tips.

In most cases, you can sell tile in any of the areas that surround us. It is similar to a collection of cement parts that, once assembled, provide a property, road, or any other location where you will get it done an appearance that is crisp, organised, and spotless. The entire process of tiling is analogous to breaking down a big tract of land into smaller pieces that, in most cases, can be assembled without leaving any gaps between them. Take, for instance, the cells in the human body as an example. We are all aware of the fact that all of the cells in our body are attached together in order to make our bodywork. This is analogous to how small pieces of tile, which are made up of cement, fit together one by one over the land, and it really gives the appearance of being both creative and respectable. In today’s world, you can find tiles virtually almost anywhere you look.

Let’s talk about the top reasons why you should employ a professional for your next tiling work, why it is very necessary to use professionals for tiling, and what you should do if you do not hire professionals for this job. When it comes to tiling, working with a team of professionals offers a lot of advantages. Have a peek.

The Advantages of Working with a Qualified Tiling Contractor

Why Should I Hire an Experienced Tiling Professional?

Tiling to perfection in Dublin requires the services of a professional tiler.

As a result of the fact that many untrained and non-qualified contractors may not understand or follow to the tiling construction standards and requirements for Dublin, finding the proper contractor for your next tiling project is one of the most important things that you can do. This could result in a number of problems, including a loss of money, time, and materials, as well as a reduction in the quality of the product that you produce in the end.

Only qualified and experienced tile installers are capable of doing quality work that will provide your tiled area with utility and beauty that will endure over time. It is imperative that this point be driven home: tiling is not only a decorative layer; rather, it must adhere to a predetermined set of criteria in order to be functional and long-lasting.

If you want to install new tiles in your home or any other business location, you could be tempted to do it yourself, even if it is a more difficult task. However, if you do it yourself, you will save money. In spite of this, it is strongly recommended that you outsource all of your tiling work to an experienced and qualified individual.

It is imperative that you hire a qualified and experienced contractor to install your tiles for a variety of reasons, some of which are discussed here.

If the tiles and materials are not installed by a knowledgeable and experienced individual, the warranty that the manufacturer provides for them may not be valid.

Homeowners frequently consider attempting the tiling installation process on their own in an effort to cut costs. However, many people believe that it is only a simple effort, and frequently, once the tile installation has begun, they realise that the work involved is above their skills. This leads to a significant increase in prices, as well as in the amount of time and the quality of the tiling.

A qualified and experienced tile installer is the only person who is capable of completing the task in the shortest amount of time. If an incompetent person who is not well-trained and has limited knowledge of tile laying is engaged in the installation, it is possible that the tiling job will take a significant amount of time to finish being completed. In the event that any complications develop during the installation process, a competent and experienced tiler will be able to resolve them in accordance with the standards that have been specified.

During the process of installing tiles, tilers make use of a wide variety of specialised tools and equipment that are required for the job. They have access to every piece of specialised equipment, and they are knowledgeable on how to make the most of it. In addition to this, the price of the necessary equipment will be significantly higher. Because of this, it is strongly recommended that you employ a tile installation who is both qualified and experienced.

Homeowners may run into the problem of having leftover material that is not required or used during the tile installation. This material will eventually go to waste, which will cost you additional money because it is difficult for an unskilled person to estimate the quantity of tile that is required. On the other hand, a tiler who is experienced and well-trained is aware of how to minimise waste in this regard by maximising tile reuse. Because of this, working with a qualified tile installer will end up saving you both time and money in the long run.

You can rely on a trained and expert contractor to remove and replace your tiles if you ever find yourself in a situation in which you need to do so. They will remove the tiles that are currently there, install the new tiles for you, and ensure that your property is kept clean and organised throughout the tiling process as well as after it is over.

When working with novice tile staff, you could run into some of the problems that are listed below.

Excess Time

It would appear that when guests come to your house, you want it to look not only nice and clean but also appealing, which is something that can only be accomplished by enlisting the assistance of seasoned tiling professionals in the completion of your project. They will ensure that the installation of the tiling is carried out in such a way that it appears to be brand new, and before they leave your home, they will definitely provide you with some pointers that will enable you to preserve the same beauty, or what you might call a brand new appearance, for an extended period of time.

It will take a less skilled individual or team significantly more time to do the installation.

Throwaway Material

An inexperienced team is one that does not know and understand the job in its entirety. Despite the fact that they can be unsuccessful in the most effective method of application

causing damage to your house or place of business

When you employ a professional team to complete a task for you, that task becomes entirely their responsibility, and you can rest assured that they will do everything in their power to deliver the finest possible results. Because of this, they will do the task correctly and won’t cause any damage to the tiles or to your property or land while they are installing them. because they are aware of how to effectively complete the task that has been given to them. You are not going to get a single unfavourable reaction if you work with a professional team, this much is certain.

Your home or place of business could sustain damage to its plumbing or electrical appliances if the team working on them is untrained.

Expenses not recovered

Working with a competent crew can result in time and financial savings for you, regardless of the type of work being performed, including the installation of tiling or any other work. They are able to accomplish their work within the allotted time because they are experts in the field, and just because they are professionals does not mean that their services are prohibitively expensive. There are many companies that offer tiling services in the modern era; all you need to do is do an internet search, and you can be certain that you will discover someone who satisfies your requirements and falls within your financial constraints.

If the tiling supplies become damaged, hiring an incompetent individual or a team might waste a lot of your money. Furthermore, hiring an unskilled individual or team could cost you even more money if you have to replace tiles that have already been laid due to poor workmanship.

However, if you begin dealing with tile installers that are very professional, you won’t have to worry about making any of these terrible mistakes. If you make the decision to exclusively collaborate with qualified, insured, and certified professional tile installers, you will be eligible for the following benefits:

Warranty on the Tile

When you engage with highly skilled professionals in the field of tile installation, you will notice that your tiles may be covered by a warranty in the event that anything goes wrong with the installation. It is common knowledge that purchasing a product that comes with a guarantee is strongly recommended due to the fact that it offers substantial protection. You can take it as a sign or an agreement that the professionals you are working with are of the highest calibre and will provide you with outstanding work and services.

You are just need to alert them if something goes wrong while you are working for them rather than having to pay additional money if the contractors deliver the tiles.

In addition, you shouldn’t expect this to be the case if you collaborate with less experienced people or if you lay the tiles yourself.

In the event that an unqualified contractor makes mistakes when installing the tiles, it is likely that you will be responsible for paying the costs associated with making replacements or modifications to your project. As a consequence of this, you would wind up losing both time and money in the long run. If you would rather not take the chance, you can simply outsource this activity to a skilled individual or group of specialists.

Tiling Speed

There are a variety of professional and highly skilled teams available throughout Dublin. The tiling job that you need done can be finished by these professionals within a day (depending on your project). The identical job can be done by unskilled workers in a number of days. Tilers that work professionally also have a great deal of experience and are considered to be professionals in their specialties. A professional tiler has better knowledge and can perform their assignment more quickly and efficiently because they have often completed a four-year apprenticeship to acquire the trade. Professionals are also passionate about what they do, which means that you and the members of your family will have less stress and fewer headaches as a result of working with a professional.

You will be able to start making use of your wet areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens, as well as any other living space, as soon as the tiling work that was performed by professionals is completed.

It is recommended that you wait approximately twenty-four hours after the tile installation has been finished before proceeding with the cleaning process. However, the majority of industry experts think that waiting forty-eight hours would be preferable, as this would ensure that all items have properly cured.

The various implements and tools.

During the process of installing tiles, professionals and highly qualified experts have access to a wide variety of tools and instruments that come in handy. These experts know how to get the most out of the available technology in order to provide you with work that is of the greatest possible quality.


In and around the Dublin area, there is a widespread misconception that dealing with talented and highly qualified professionals would only cost you money. This is an incorrect assumption. In point of fact, collaborating with these experts would result in financial savings achieved via a variety of various avenues. Several of these are broken down into further detail below.


Work can be done more effectively when performed by professionals and skilled workers. Because of this, you will not be responsible for paying for the additional hours or days as appropriate.


If you want the tiling work done in your region, you need to engage a competent crew, and this is one of the most essential reasons why you should do so. The professionals have a deeper understanding of how they must align the tiles so that there are no gaps between them and how they must maintain them so that they will last for a significant amount of time without being damaged. Therefore, you should look for somebody who is professionally equipped and ensure that they have sufficient experience working in this sector. A longer lifespan for these tiles is almost guaranteed to result from the use of skilled labour.

When working with experienced tile installers, you won’t ever have to spend more money on additional tiles or supplies because you won’t need them. You will only be responsible for purchasing the components of the project that are absolutely necessary. When you collaborate with people that possess a high level of expertise, you reduce the risk of having an excess supply of materials.


If you work with these highly skilled individuals, you will never have to worry about the implications of having to replace the tiles repeatedly. Your job will be impeccable to the desired standard.

Maintaining a Tidy Workplace

There is no question that tidiness is just as crucial as the work that is wanted. After they have finished cleaning duty, professionals will make sure the area is clean before moving on to the next one. The best part is that they typically carry out their responsibilities in a quicker and more effective manner as well. In addition, if you are working with incompetent specialists, the situation will be somewhat reversed, as it is possible that they will not clean the areas, and as a consequence, you will be required to clean them up on your own.

Employ Experienced Tiling Experts in Dublin

Working with knowledgeable individuals may be advantageous in many different ways, and this is one of those ways. From the very beginning until the completion of the tiling installation, they will not permit you to move even the tip of your index finger. For your upcoming tiling project, all you need to do is get a professional’s help, and you won’t even have to leave the convenience of your own home to get it done. Isn’t it amazing? Well, yeah. You don’t have to do anything; all you have to do is grab a bag of popcorn and find a comfortable spot on the couch. Consider how much more quickly your task will be finished if you hire skilled tile installers.

We have more than 26 years of experience in all parts of wall and floor tiling, so if you are seeking for trained and professional tilers in Dublin, you do not need to look any further than our company. Do not be reluctant to get in touch with us or to send us a note if you would like to receive a free estimate.

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