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Why Spectrum Internet is the Most Demanded ISP in the US?Why Spectrum Internet is the Most Demanded ISP in the US?

There is no way that the list of USA’s top ISPs doesn’t mention Charter Spectrum. Charter Spectrum stands as the second-largest cable internet provider in the US. Spectrum was launched in 1993 and ever since then the company has left no stone unturned in terms of maintaining consistency. Spectrum caters to the needs of over 26 million satisfied residents across 41 states.

Although Spectrum’s residential network backbone is coaxial cable, but it also provides broadband and fiber internet service over 5,800+ ZIP Codes. Relative to coaxial cables, conventional cable connections often result in a lot of hassle, sometimes due to bad weather and sometimes due to maintenance needs. Coaxial cables, on the other hand, deliver connection over a fiber-backed coaxial infrastructure. This means that the internet and TV service powered by coaxial cables are invincible enough to withstand the toughest test of time.

Spectrum’s Spectacular Internet

Spectrum internet plans come with a hassle-free experience. You can avail Spectrum Internet as a standalone service for an affordable price. To make your life easy, Spectrum Internet is available in 3 different tiers, based on speeds of different users:

Spectrum Internet with speeds up to 200 Mbps

Spectrum Internet Ultra with speeds up to 400 Mbps

Spectrum Internet GIG with speeds up to 940 Mbps

These three tiers are commonly referred to as Spectrum Internet plans. Just know what your speed consumption needs are and then go for the plan accordingly. When you go for Spectrum Internet, you ultimately opt for dozens of features that come with it. Curious to find out about what those features are?

  • Thousands of Wi-Fi Hotspots across the country
  • No data caps
  • Secured connection, virus and spyware removal with Security Suite
  • Parental controls
  • In-Home Wi-Fi that covers every inch of your house
  • Free Modem with the latest DOCSIS 3.1 technology
  • No hassle of contracts

Spectrum intends to spoil you with all the features that come with its high-speed internet connection. Now, that we’ve walked you through all the features, let’s shed some light on what each of the Spectrum’s internet plans are ideal for.

Spectrum Internet

The basic internet plan from Spectrum offers a speed range of 60 Mbps to 200 Mbps. If you have a household with Cocomelon streamers and a couple of video-callers, then this package would be more than enough.

Subscribe to this plan for $49.99/month

Spectrum Internet Ultra

Now comes the Ultra plan from Spectrum. This plan offers a speed range of 300 to 400 Mbps. This tier is ideal for households with 8-10 devices as it offers speeds that make browsing, downloading and gaming a breeze.

Subscribe to this plan for $69.99/month

Spectrum Internet GIG

Internet GIG from Spectrum offers speeds up to a whopping 940 Mbps, which is enough to do anything. With this plan, every member of your household can do hardcore gaming, video streaming, video calling, file sharing and downloading, simultaneously, without worrying a bit about speed throttling.

Subscribe to this plan for $109.99/month


The cost of Spectrum Gig might tempt you to subscribe to it. However, it is available in selected areas only. To find out if your area is among the lucky ones, use your ZIP code and you’ll land directly on the plans you can subscribe to. Don’t fret if your area doesn’t approve of Gig; you can always subscribe to Internet Ultra.

Spectrum Internet Bundles

Let’s explore Spectrum Internet Bundles. Spectrum offers a standalone internet plan that’s designed solely for those who dwell in solitude. However, if you want to take your Spectrum experience up a notch, then you should opt for a bundle.

For customers who want to go full 360° in terms of enjoying all services from Spectrum, bundles is the way to go. For an affordable price you and your family can enjoy a high-speed internet connection, along with Spectrum’s impressive TV channel lineup and phone service with crystal-clear calling quality. Now, let’s take a look at the Double and Triple bundles, subscribing to which is totally worth the shot.

Spectrum Double Play Select

  • Enjoy internet speeds starting from 100 Mbps
  • Spectrum TV with 125+ TV channels

Spectrum Double Play Silver

  • Enjoy internet speeds starting from 100 Mbps
  • Spectrum TV with 175+ TV channels

Spectrum Double Play Gold

  • Stay connected with internet speeds starting from 100 Mbps
  • Enjoy TV with 200+ channels

Spectrum Triple Play Select

  • Internet speeds starting from 100 Mbps
  • Spectrum TV 125+ TV channels
  • Unlimited nationwide calling and 28 features

Spectrum Triple Play Silver

  • Spectrum Internet with speeds starting at 100 Mbps
  • 175+ TV channels
  • Unlimited nationwide calling and 28 features

Spectrum Triple Play Gold

  • Robust connectivity with speeds starting from 100 Mbps
  • 200+ TV channels
  • Spectrum phone with unlimited calling and 28 features

Bundles are best for when you want to enjoy Spectrum’s basic internet plan along with other services. However, for a more robust and personalized internet experience, go for Spectrum internet plans as standalone services.

Spectrum Means Consistency

Spectrum internet is centered towards providing a top-notch customer experience. It doesn’t matter if you decide to go for bundles or standalone Spectrum internet plans. All that does matter is Spectrum’s dedication towards providing you nothing but consistency in terms of speed, service and experience. So, add ease to your life and subscribe to Spectrum.

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