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When it comes to an employee share scheme, this is a way that a company can share company ownership with the team. It is possible to reward one or even more key individuals with equity. You can do this with all the employees as well. You may even distribute shares to those who are non-employees, like consultants and advisors. However, it may sometimes be better to run different kinds of schemes for internal as well as external people.


The following are some reasons why you should consider launching an employee share scheme:

Attract top talent

Hiring tends to be difficult and it is not a level playing type of field. Providing equity to the new employees is a way to bring good talent into your business. It is even possible to level the playing field when you offset salary for equity, letting you create a compensation package for those individuals who actually match and improve on offers that are made by other companies that are more established and have deeper pockets than yours.

Keep the best talent

When sharing ownership occurs, people will feel differently about a business. They will be less likely to leave something which they own some piece of. A huge problem for some firms is employee loyalty. It is expensive to replace a leaver. This is a large burden upon any business. It is especially true for those that are in the early and growth phase.

It has been claimed that share schemes can increase employee retention. They are helpful in avoiding the hiring costs that may occur.

Productivity and performance can be increased

There are studies which show that employees who tend to also be shareholders will work harder as they feel like they are directly responsible for the company’s value. This then motivates them to pursue their best work. They will also take more responsibility for performance of co-workers.

When the employees are more productive, this will lead to better work culture and even less turnover. They will be higher output, more revenue for the business, and less costs connected to finding talent and retaining it.

Enhance employee engagement plus happiness

When employees fell more included within the mission, direction as well as success of the business, they will be more motivated to be involved in contributing to the company. They will even be more likely to remain around. This is all helpful if you want to maintain a healthy company culture.

The above are only some benefitspresent of employee share schemes. You can check out employee share scheme CGT for instance. You need to keep in mind that share schemes are present in different shapes as well sizes. All of these work slightly differently. Most of these are able to be customized so that they can be perfect for your particular needs. Prior to designing any scheme, make sure you figure out what your own motivations are for allowing the employees to have equity. If you do this you can figure out how to make the employee share scheme. 

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