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CompositeReasons Why You Should Choose Composite Decks for Your Backyard Deck

A Composite Decks for Your Backyard Deck is something that everyone enjoys . A backyard deck has a very welcoming feel to it that makes you need to sit back and relax.

Composite decking materials are making inroads into the market at Brite Decking AU, although the benefits of this form of decking may not be completely realized. The benefits of composite decks are detailed in this article. 

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1. Low Maintenance:-

The main benefit of composite decking is that it requires minimal to no upkeep (otherwise known as WPC). Composite decking, unlike natural wood, does not decay, discolor, fade, twist, attract termites, warp, or mold.

Oiling or staining natural wood on a daily basis (at least once a year) comes at a large cost in terms of both time and resources. These expenses are eliminated with composite decking. Take back control of your weekends! 

2. It is good for the environment:-

The majority of WPC boards, up to 90% of the entire composition, are created from reused resources.  Reclaimed hardwoods and recovered plastics are commonly used, minimizing the quantity of plastic that ends up in landfills.

Some vendors are also FSC certified, ensuring that wood is used responsibly in manufacturing. It’s worth noting that decking made of rice pulp rather than reclaimed hardwood should be avoided because this material can’t be reused and is prone to humidity absorption which can lead to warping and premature degradation.

3. It is supply in standard sizes:-

WPC Decking is available in conventional widths and lengths, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck. It also eliminates the need to filter through your wood shipment in search of the right size and grade of the board.

This can help you save a lot of money on your project by reducing waste. Longer lengths mean fewer joints, which lowers the chance of development.

4. Installation can actually be cheaper:-

Installation costs may be decrease because Composite Decking boards are standard and typically significantly larger than natural wood boards. This is because larger boards allow for faster decking of larger areas, potentially saving labor expenses. 

Decking with hidden or below-surface fasteners requires fewer screws than raw wood, which requires a minimum of four screws per board, regardless of length.

5.Can be use in marine areas:-

WPC Decking is perfect for marinas, jetties, pontoons, and around spas and swimming pools because of its non-corrosive qualities. It will not degrade or collect mold if it is expos to water. Many composites are also non-slip, which makes them ideal for use in wet locations.

6.Simple to install:-

Because composite decking is often construct on a subframe in the same way that natural wood is, it can be use to substitute rotten wood without having to replace the structure.

Deck board laying is quick and straightforward thanks to below-surface fixes, so you can save money by doing it yourself instead of hiring a professional! 


Older composite decking resembled plastic more than timber, but current layouts have reversed the trend, and your pals might not be able to tell the difference!

WPC is now accessible in a wide variety of profiles, colors, and finishes, ranging from ultra-modern to ultra-realistic.

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