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Ten Outdoor String Lights IdeasTen Outdoor String Lights Ideas

There is a stereotype that string lights are only used during festivities. However, that is not entirely true. Street light makes a good decorating aspect that brings life and magic to your lawn or the patio. It is a smaller investment that transforms the area into a glamorous space. This can be the much-needed transformation during the lockdown as many spend their time trapped in their own homes. It can be an easy getaway into the land of twinkling stars. Here are some outdoor string lights ideas that will transform your outdoor space with Fusion Lighting.

The text describes ten outdoor ideas using string lights to enhance the look of your lawn and bring ambiance during the night.

1) Ceiling Beams of the Patio.            

The Ceiling Beams on the Patio can be decorated with string lights. The warm yellow color or the twinkling string lights will add ambiance. This will turn your rusty old patio into a fancy outdoor restaurant. 

2) The Tree lights. 

An important aspect of the outdoors is the trees. The greenery in your lawn is one of the major aspects of the refreshing atmosphere. You can enhance this by handing green or yellow string lights to the trees. This will bring contrast and make the surroundings look beautiful. 

3) Hanging Flower baskets. 

One can use the hanging flower basket with string lights for decorative purposes to achieve the roofline ambiance. This will bring out the beauty of your house in the dark starry night. 

4) A Light Canopy. 

An interesting thing about string lights is that you can use them as a rope with fragile limits. Therefore, one can make canopies in the backyard and add some bar stools to set the scene. You can then have a romantic dinner in the outdoors or enjoy the string light canopy. 

5) Light Ceiling. 

The outdoors doesn’t require a ceiling except for a blanket of clouds and stars. However, at night you can turn the open-air roof into a macro light sieve. You can do this by tying the light string from one end to another in a horizontal fashion. The outdoors will be lit up in the night and set in a romantic and calming atmosphere. 

6) Lighting up the frames and edges.

This is the most cliché light décor idea, but it is the most attractive. The edges of the window panes, the patio raiser, and other outdoor lawn objects can be highlighted using string lights. This will bring out the contrast and angular edges of your home during the night. It will be a sight to view during the night. 

7) Highlighting the walls. 

Walls define boundaries but have another function that one might fail to see. Yes! The walls make a good string light decorating the background. You can define backdrops with string lights or just hand them on the wall with a solid background color. You can give a vintage look by keeping it as a rusty brick wall.

8) Light up the ground & the pool.

Furthermore, you can also enhance the visibility of the driveway or light up the ground. One can do this by attaching string lights at the edges of the driveway. You can add ambiance by spreading the string lights at the edges of the lawn boundaries and at regions where lawn objects are placed. 

9) Cover the beams.  

It is not rare to find beams or pillars on your lawn or the patio. You can cover the beam with string lights from top to bottom. 

10) Jars or glass bottles with string lights.  

You can stuff transparent bottles or glass jars with string lights and hang them from the roof or your window frame. 

Thus, there are many outdoor ideas with string lights. One has to have a creative mindset and understand the lawn dimensions and attributes to decorate it beautifully with string lights. 


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