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Your A/C will filter out water while working, and the leaks you notice are generally caused by condensation. Once accumulated, the condensed water will eventually pour out into the drainage. It is normal for air conditioners to leak water, and it’s a part of the operation.

However, the excessive amount of water is not ideal at all. This could mean something serious, and an air conditioning repair in Tulsa, OK is immediately needed.

As an A/C owner, you also need to understand what causes your system to leak water. Here are a few of the reasons why it happens:

Damaged Condensate Pan

Damaged condensate pan often occurs in older air conditioning systems. The part can be prone to wear and tear and cracks due to long-time use. If the condensate pan is damaged in any way, your A/C can leak water.

This problem can be solved by professional cleaning or air conditioning repair in Tulsa, OK. If the issue is severe, your technician may recommend the best solution to solve this problem.

Light Water Leaks

As said, a fair amount of water dripping from your A/C should not trouble you. It’s a part of system’s standard operation. These little drops are caused by accumulated warm moist air. Your equipment will evaporate and condensate the air into water drops, and then they go through your filtering system and consequently flow down the drainage pipe. If your A/C is connected properly, these little droplets are not even noticeable sometimes.

Clogged Condensate Drain

Your condensate drain filters the droplets collected from the air.  It is designed to allow the filtered water to flow through the A/C. However, dirt and other debris can go together with the droplets and form mud-like objects. Over time, it causes clogs in the condensate drain and causes the water to overflow.

While regular maintenance is required to keep your condensate drain in good shape, a professional air conditioning repair in Tulsa, OK should be done to restore your system’s function.

Blocked Air Filter

It may look like a simple piece of material, but your system’s air filter plays a vital role in keeping your air clean and ensuring your A/C works in optimum condition. If it is clogged by too much dirt and debris, it can’t filter the air effectively. Often, this results in the freezing of collected water drops. When the ice melts, the water will overflow in the condensate plan.

Schedule an air conditioning repair in Tulsa, OK or get regular maintenance to avoid this problem.

Poor A/C Installation

Air conditioners that are not installed correctly can cause water leakage. One of the main causes of this issue is the poorly connected pipes from the drainage to the A/C. The filtered water will find its way through the unsecured connections, which causes leakage. That’s why it’s vital to leave the A/C installation job to the experts for the best results.

Leaking water from your air conditioner can be a cause of minor to major problems. You should consult the experts to know the reasons why your A/C leaks and what solutions you need. Your technician can inspect the system or provide air conditioning repair in Tulsa, OK.

Water Leak Issues? Call the Experts Today!

Air conditioning repair in Tulsa, OK is not a job you can do yourself. When your system leaks water, contact the experts of All Comfort Specialist. The company has licensed and experienced technicians ready to solve your cooling issues. Contact them online today!

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