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Rat Repellent - A popular alternative to get rid of rodents in Southeast Asia

According to an estimation 70 out of each hundred among the human population has an energy consumption that is met by having rice in the Southeast Asian region, such fields are attacked more and if we look specifically upon the rice field rat it is a source of significant damage in both pre and post-harvest to the rice-based agro-environment in South-East Asia which points out that adequate and appropriate management is the key tool to maintain the standard in this regard.

Among South-East Asian states, Thailand is categorized as one of the agricultural countries that play an essential role in terms of agricultural products such as rice and other products which add a great contribution to the gross domestic product of the country. You must be thinking about why agriculture is being discussed here, so, basically, we all know that it is very important to sustain the agricultural zones in order to acquire a fruitful outcome, but problems are always there either in terms of weather, pests, rats, rodents and a lot more that may affect the quality of crops. 

Want to learn about rats and their impact?

Let’s get straight into the discussion. Rats cause great problems not only to agriculture but also to the reservoirs of human diseases. In Thailand, there is an increased ratio of diseases that are spread due to rats as they carry secondary pests such as fleas, mites, and ticks. It is necessary to control rats through possible solutions such as rat repellents, the local called it เครื่องไล่หนู, in order to avoid the increased rate of losses and infections among the individuals.

Problems due to Rats

Having a problem with rats? There exist a number of problems that may arise as a result of rats as they are considered to be inquisitive creatures that can enter any place or area in search of food. It can lead to various damages such as;

  •         Causing harm to the goods like clothes, furniture and much more.
  •         It may spoil structures, buildings, bridges, etc.
  •         Harming the food at fields, storage, or home.                 

Impact of Rat as an Evil Creature on Thai Economy

As mentioned at the beginning of the discussion that agriculture adds great value to the Thailand economy, it is important to highlight some major figures which will depict that the harm of such evil creatures can turn out to be great chaos. Thailand comprises a huge area for cultivation where the most essential is rice which comprises almost 52 percent of the area, which shows that the importance of agriculture is the top priority of the Thai economy in order to boost the national economy to ensure sustainable wealth distribution among the masses. In order to ensure agricultural safety, rat repellents can be beneficial. 

Alternative to the Problem 

As we have learned that rats are not only destructive at a broader level such as the economic status of a country but also a source of harm to health, living as well as businesses. The best alternative to such a devastating problem is the use of rat repellents. You must be thinking that what is a rat repellent? Want to learn? No need to wait because here we begin; Rat repellents can be used to lessen the rat population. It varies in its types such as;

  •         Natural Rat Repellent
  •         Chemical Rat Repellent
  •         Sound Rat Repellent

Each rat repellent has its own effect which can help people to get rid of rats in an easy and adequate manner. Among the three mentioned rat repellents, the safest can be the natural rat repellent as such rat repellents are economical, secondly, they are eco-friendly, thirdly, they have a pleasant fragrance without toxic substances, and, lastly, they have the ability to last longer. This shows that this type of rat repellent cannot harm the surroundings either at home, businesses, or farms. What do you think can be the best repellent that can result in being a perfect alternative to be used? If you have applied all the solutions instead of rat repellents to get rid of rats and are still facing the same issue, then opt for the rat repellents trick to ease your life the way you want. 

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