Wikipedia and Digital Marketing

Ever since its invention, Wikipedia has been one of the most reliable and preferred sources of information. Wikipedia, the de-facto reference site for many is rapidly growing. It is the largest online encyclopedia and one of the most visited sites present online. Thus, researchers do not need to go through the search results. 

Soon, people realized that they could not rely on Wikipedia as a credible source of information because of its user-edited feature.  The fact that Wikipedia is a great platform for online marketing may surprise many since all of us have been using it as an informative site and not as a business platform.

While everyone knows and uses Wikipedia, what very few understand is the effect it has on the Google search results. However, the truth is that it is one of the platforms successful businesses have been using to advertise their products and services. Consider the fact that Wikipedia is a good resource for finding reliable information. 

Do you remember the invention of the “Knowledge graph?” For filling the knowledge graph, Google pulled information from Wikipedia pages. This site ranks high to several search queries because of the trust that search engines have in its content, the depth of information it includes and the international, multi-language scope of the website.

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Wikipedia is a great place to get started for those businesses that want to establish a strong online presence. If customers find information about your company or your products or services on the Wikipedia page, they are more likely to read that before they head to check your website. You, as a business owner, maybe thinking that how can Wikipedia be used as an online marketing tool by the marketers?

Executing Wikipedia as a Digital Marketing Tool

There are a lot of reasons for using Wikipedia as a marketing channel. But the actual question that strikes everyone’s mind is how one can use Wikipedia in marketing. Undeniably, including Wikipedia in an online marketing strategy is not easy. The real challenge is creating a page. 

Although page creation in Wikipedia is free, it is not totally free. It is highly recommended to hire professional Wikipedia writers to write content for wiki-worthy pages. The world of online is the only place where millions of companies and businesses use Wikipedia as a marketing platform. So, how can brands get benefitted from the connection between high search results and Wikipedia? Let us see.

Here is a guide for including Wikipedia marketing that online marketers must follow. Thus, when you want to include Wikipedia in your digital marketing trends, consider these:

Start by creating a page:

To include Wikipedia marketing in your online marketing strategies, you first need a Wikipedia page. A Wikipedia page acts as a great source of information for the Knowledge Graph of Google. Worldwide, Wikipedia is in the 5th position when compared to other websites. As per, Wikipedia is in the 6th position if we consider the United States only. 

Thus, it is significant for online marketers to create a Wikipedia page to take benefit of this immense popularity. But wait, who can create a page on Wikipedia? This is a question that strikes in many minds. Notability is a test that is utilized by editors when they want to decide that the topic was selected merits an article. Ideally, a topic is assumed by Wikipedia to be suitable for its own article if it has obtained notable coverage in different independent trustworthy sources. Thus, before you start developing a page for your firm, it is significant to choose a topic that has got in-depth coverage from several trustworthy sources. 

There are extra guidelines to be permitted to develop a Wikipedia page. For example, your Wikipedia page should not develop a conflict of interest. Moreover, the content published on the Wikipedia page should provide a neutral point of view. You must also practice civility before you start publishing content on Wikipedia. 

Advantages from Wiki Backlinks

One of the most common topics among digital marketers is the legality of wifi backlinks. Wifi backlinks play a vital role in increasing brand visibility. Wikipedia backlinks hold a substantial potential in making your article worthy. Ensure that you add in-text links to other related wiki pages in your article to add credibility.

Wikipedia has survived hard to build itself as an incredible source and as an authorized high-profile website. SEO professionals might argue that Wikipedia backlinks are no-follow and thus do not have a vital value in digital marketing. However, the reality is that Wikipedia plays an important role in making your brand visible. Thus, it is suggested that online marketers take advantage of Wikipedia backlinks. 

Wikipedia backlinks have great potential as far as positioning and authority are concerned. You should consider adding in-text links to other Wikipedia pages. For example, you might want to look for articles that require sources. This could also be resources that could fit perfectly into your articles. For instance, you can take advantage of articles that need to be expanded and add relevant sources. You must go through many articles that need to be expanded to find the right one that suits your needs perfectly.  However, for an improved experience, use third-party tools like Wikigrabber, which helps Wikipedia article writers find pages that require sources. 

Keep checking your Wikipedia presence

We started by discussing how Wikipedia’s credibility as an important source in academics failed. Is it the reason why we should monitor our Wikipedia presence continuously? However, like in any other online marketing strategy, you should monitor how well Wikipedia marketing performs. 

As you check your Wikipedia marketing, you must be sure about one thing, i.e. nobody else should be able to manage your Wikipedia content. As far as checking the Wikipedia marketing content is concerned, you can utilize different approaches. These include “Enabling Notifications on Wikipedia.” To start with, it is important to ensure that you have an active Wikipedia account. As you already have a Wikipedia page with your marketing content, it is obvious that you signed up for the account. Now, the next step is to add your personal or business email id where you will receive notifications from Wikipedia.

 You can even subscribe to Wikipedia to get important alerts like for editing the content. For doing so, you need to Navigate to your page. On the top right-hand side of the page, you will find a Preference tab. Click on that, and you will find “Notifications.” When you open the “Notifications” tab, you will see options using which you can set how to receive notifications as well as the frequency of receiving it. It is better to set the frequency to daily so that you can monitor it regularly. You can also add your Wikipedia content to your watchlist. You will find a “Watchlist” tab on the top part of the page. You can use this tab to add your page to the watchlist.

Do not use Wikipedia as a Promotional Tool

It is clearly indicated in Wikipedia guidelines that the published content should not be promotional in any sense. Thus, using Wikipedia as a promotional tool will mean you are violating the rules. Ideally, you must publish only neutral content. For writing promotional content, the publisher must use a biased tone with the intention of attracting the attention of buyers. However, for making your brand visible, it is not mandatory to write promotional content. Use an unbiased tone while writing Wikipedia page content.

Keep updating your Wikipedia pages

Wikipedia provides a good potential for advertisers due to its high authority. Remember, the information on Wikipedia will be checked therefore high accuracy is important to attain credibility. Thus, make sure that you have updated correct information on the Wikipedia page to reveal a high degree of accuracy. Or else, your marketing efforts will not yield positive results. 

By updating content on your Wikipedia page, you increase your company’s trust online. Consider that if your clients find some wrong information, this will affect your brand’s credibility. For example, let us assume that you published information saying that you have offices in five different countries. However, you operate only in 2 countries, the rest of them have been shut down. In such a scenario, it is important to update this information. This will avoid confusing the customers who view your Wikipedia content. Using Wikipedia as a marketing platform has started long ago. Popular brands like Coca-Cola and KLM have a presence in Wikipedia. This is one of the reasons behind their popularity. 

To sum it up, first, create a Wikipedia page. Second, promote your brand’s online visibility by using Wikipedia backlinks. Identify the backlinks that you are using in the content carefully. A negative thing on Wikipedia can damage your brand’s reputation. Keep checking and updating the content frequently. Avoid promotional tone. Keep on monitoring your Wikipedia presence. Choose the option of subscription to get important notifications. Lastly, ensure that you have updated your information on Wikipedia.

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