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Workplace drug tests can be important in the business world to ensure that employees are mentally and physically capable of doing their job properly. But although you probably haven’t done anything wrong, there’s always that sense of dread that comes with any form of drug testing, that you might have taken something accidentally or get some sort of a false reading.

One of the drugs that is tested in a drug test is cannabis, and so for people who are thinking about trying CBD products, the question of whether it will make you fail that looming test is important. Although CBD itself won’t make you fail the test, the fact that it comes from the cannabis plant – which can contain some traces of THC (the substance that is tested for) it is important that people who are looking to enjoy the benefits of CBD know where they stand with regards to drug tests.

Drug Tests, Cannabis and CBD

Drug testing can be carried out in a number of different ways:

  • Urine tests are the most common form of workplace drug testing. It is simple, accurate and non-intrusive, as well as being easy for businesses to carry out.
  • Saliva tests are another popular drug testing method, although the downfall for businesses is that it will only detect very recent drug-taking.
  • Blood tests are more complicated as they cannot be carried out by just anyone. It is, however, the most accurate method, even being able to give details of the amounts of drugs that are present.

Drug tests typically check for the presence of cannabis in the body. CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the compounds which is found naturally in the cannabis plant. Due to its ability to help support the human endocannabinoid system CBD is quickly becoming a firm favorite amongst people who are looking for natural health products.

CBD products are made by extracting certain compounds from the plant and then infusing it into oil, vape juice, edibles or topical creams or gels. This process allows for certain cannabinoids or compounds to be extracted, and others not.

THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol another compound that is naturally present in cannabis. This is the cannabinoid that makes you feel stoned, and it is also the part of the plant that is illegal in the UK. When you have a cannabis drugs test, what is actually tested for, is THC.

Different tests have different cut-off points for THC, but they are all far below the amount of THC that you would have in your system if you are taking CBD products with a THC level of less that 0.2% in them.

So, if you have been taking CBD products which are made from industrial hemp – a strain of cannabis which has legal levels of THC (which in the UK is less than 0.2%), you shouldn’t have a problem, should you?

Well, no, you shouldn’t.


CBD products can be bought in two main types – full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate/distillate. The difference between these two is in what is extracted from the plant.

  • Full-spectrum CBD is also known as whole-plant extract and includes all of the compounds and cannabinoids which are present in the plant including THC. In the UK, the maximum THC limit is 0.2%, which is not to make you high and shouldn’t affect your drug test. You can check exactly what levels of THC are in the CBD oil by looking at a lab report which the producers should make available to you.
  • CBD distillate or isolate is the purest CBD product that you can buy. Only the CBD is extracted, and this should give you around a 99% CBD purity. This is the only way that you can be absolutely sure that you are consuming no THC with your CBD and should pass the drug test without any problem.

It stands to reason but is not guaranteed that if you are taking CBD products – regardless of their ‘type’ – that were bought legally in the UK, you should be able to pass a drugs test as the minimal levels of THC in the CBD products are not large enough to trip a drug test.

How to Ensure THC Levels

The best way to get a good idea of how much THC is in the product is by getting good quality CBD (to ensure that the extraction process was carried out properly) that has been tested in the laboratory to give an accurate breakdown of all of the compounds present. This should be made easily available by the producers. You can also research the web for the best CBD oil reviews.

Although you shouldn’t have any problems, THC levels are something to be aware of for people who take CBD products, as they can be something that trips people up.


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