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The Raksha Bandhan festival is one of the most awaited occasions for brothers and sisters to honour the sibling relationship. Sisters tie rakhi charms on their brothers’ wrists to protect them from evil and wish them the best in life. In return brothers present gifts to express love and appreciation for their sister’s efforts. If you are looking for heart-melting gifts your sister will love, then you are in the right place. Read on as we share wishful rakhi return gifts your sister will appreciate.


On special occasions, the cake cutting and feeding time are magical moments. Cakes are the epitome of all celebrations! Spruce up the Raksha Bandhan celebrations by surprising your sweet tooth sister with a lip-smacking and well-decorated cake. With a wide variety of cake flavours, types, and themes, there are plenty of ways to stun her. Check out trending cakes on online bakery stores, and social media platforms. You can further customise the cake to convey your love and appreciation.

Sweet treats combo

Pampering loved ones with sweet treats on special occasions, is a gesture to welcome them with love and happiness. With a variety of treats from fresh and dry fruits (like cashew nuts, almonds, apples, etc.), Soan Papdi, Namkeen, cookies, chocolates, to desserts, no one can ever say “no”. You can have the sweet treats nicely arranged in a personalised box along with other gifts.

Watch gifts

Time is of the supreme importance! Watch gifts are some of the best gifts for all occasions. Express love and best wishes to your beloved sister on Raksha Bandhan with personalised watches. With a variety of wall clocks and wristwatches, there is something for everyone. Finding the perfect watch will be a seamless task online, since you know her favourite and brands.

Indoor plants

Plants have had a significant meaning in life. A plant gesture is a gift that will keep on giving! With many benefits from air-purification, and decoration, to spiritual meaning. If your sister is a nature-lover, then indoor plants are the perfect gift. Some of the most popular indoor plants for gifting are Bonsai, Money, Lucky Bamboo, Snake, and Jade plants. Make lasting impressions on your sister with adorable plants in personalised pots. Check out trending pot designs and customisations on online gift stores and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Ethnic clothing

The best way to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan festival is by dressing up in ethnic clothing. Surprise your beloved sister on this auspicious occasion with gorgeous ethnic attire. With a wide selection of sarees and gowns, there is something for every sister. So, remember to search for her favourite designs and colours.

Home decor items

A home is a woman! Women are mostly in charge of decorating the home, and their love and dedication turn a regular home into a safe haven. Gifting your loved ones’ decor items will help you express love and appreciation. Some of the most common decor items are customised photo lamps, god idols, figurines, paintings, wall clocks, and nameplates. Since decor items are like souvenirs that will always spark cherished memories, whenever she glances over the items, you will be in her thoughts.


Women have a magical way to touch hearts with well-prepared meals. With the kitchen fully equipped, they leave nothing to chance. Express love and appreciation to your sister for her efforts in the kitchen with kitchenware on this auspicious occasion. Some of the most common items for the surprise are recipe books, aprons, towels, kitchen appliances, and cookware.

Sweet fragrances combo

Being in an environment surrounded by beautiful views with aromatic fragrances uplifts the spirit. Touch your sister’s heart on Raksha Bandhan with a combo of sweet fragrances. Some of the most popular items to include in the combo are perfumes, scented candles, and flowers. Finding the perfect items she will adore will be like taking a walk in the park, since you know her favourite perfumes and colours. Spruce up the surprise by having the items personalised with a Raksha Bandhan theme, name, message, and photo.

Makeup and cosmetics

Women love to look good all the time! Makeup kits and cosmetics products are typical items in every woman’s collection. Presenting your beloved sister with products and accessories to beautify herself on special occasions like Raksha Bandhan will be appreciated. You can assemble a combo of makeup and cosmetics, that comprises popular items like eye shadows, lipstick, foundation, face wash, and skin serums.

Wrapping UpNow you know the perfect rakhi return gifts to surprise your loving and caring sister on Raksha Bandhan! With online shopping, you won’t break a sweat to express your love and appreciation. Search for an online store offering a wide selection of Raksha Bandhan gifts for brother and customisations at the best prices.

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