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Dirndls and Female Lederhosen as Women's Oktoberfest Outfits

Dirndl as an Oktoberfest outfit has reigned the fashion dome for centuries, unrivaled and dazzling.

Dirndl dress collection at Lederhosen Store tells a Dirndl’s story with glamour and tradition infused in a classical marriage. Dirndl is for every woman looking for a cheeky addition to her wardrobe.

What is a Dirndl?

Traditional Dirndl outfit has been a part of Alpine culture for a long time. The practicality of the dress points towards its initial use as a maid’s uniform.

The Dirndl dress is a three-part ensemble, complete with a bodice attached to a skirt, a small blouse, and an apron.

The Dirndl costume is mostly made from heavy cotton and linen, but the higher-end or luxury pret Dirndls are made from delicate and exclusive fabrics, like silk or satin. The Dirndl is for every woman and makes a wardrobe colorful and lively.

Raise the velvet curtain and play the drum rolls… here comes the Lederhosen female equivalent – the Women’s Lederhosen.

What is a Female Lederhosen?

A Female Lederhosen or a Women’s Lederhosen is a Lederhosen female equivalent, which is made from genuine leather.

The Female Lederhosen is quite similar to its male counterpart – the only difference lies in their cuts and embellishments.

Female Lederhosen are adorned with intricate multicolor embroidery on embossed panels – making them a unique product of our shop, the Lederhosen Store.

Oktoberfest Clothing the Women’s Oktoberfest Outfits

Oktoberfest clothing is fixed yet versatile, from Male Lederhosen to Bundhosen, Women’s Lederhosen to Dirndl, all of these are the various fruits of the same basket – the Oktoberfest clothing.

Oktoberfest is a celebration of love where the kitchens never go cold and the beer flows. It is the Oktoberfest that draws more than 6 million tourists to Munich every year.

The Oktoberfest experience cannot be explained with mere words, and you will have to experience its richness and the happiness that is present in the Oktoberfest atmosphere. It is thus important that you dress the part for such an event.

Why Should I Wear Oktoberfest Outfits to Oktoberfest? – True, you can go to Oktoberfest without a costume, no one would stop you, and you will still be able to visit every nook and corner of the Oktoberfest fields – it is possible, just not as fun – trust us.

So what are Oktoberfest outfits for Her?

Dirndl Costume for Oktoberfest

Dirndl dresses became highly popular among the higher-class Bavarians after its debut at the Crown Prince Ludwig’s wedding – where the citizens of Munich turned up clad in their traditional Dirndl dresses and Lederhosen.

All subsequent Oktoberfest celebrations are in honor of the royal wedding, which grew bigger and bigger with time.

Dirndl costume is now known worldwide as the official Oktoberfest costume for women – and we couldn’t complain.

At Lederhosen Store, we are in love with a traditional Dirndl and also love to modernize it with current fashion trends.

Please have a look at our amazing Dirndl Sale and enjoy massive discounts on your purchase.

Women’s Lederhosen

Women’s Lederhosen has taken the Oktoberfest fashion ramp by storm, and there are many reasons why.

A woman of the 21st century is most comfortable in her own skin and wants to grab the fashion choices that break the gender roles.

In came the Female Lederhosen in all its glory – an outfit created as an alternative to Dirndl that is being worn to Oktoberfest and private Oktoberfest parties.

If paired correctly with the right outerwear and accessories, a Women’s Lederhosen can look truly breathtaking. Smart Lederhosen that mesmerizes with feminine curves are an absolute eye-catcher.

The designers at Lederhosen Store have tuned in to this trend and produced gorgeous Female Lederhosen in multiple colors and designs.

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