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Online Preschool Program

Online classes have become a buzzword of the education world since Covid. In this critical phase, there seems to be no escaping tool for online classes. Though enrolling your kid in online preschool classes for kids  is parents’ choice but it seems to be beneficial too. Undoubtedly, online studies bring a vast number of benefits but it also brings a great number of benefits for parents too. With a wide range of options, finding the best online preschool for their little one can be a challenging task for parents. Thus, here are some criteria for preschool selection that can help you to choose the right one:


  •      Offers Appropriate Content:The first and foremost thing to consider while choosing an online Preschool is to make sure that the school is providing an age-appropriate learning program and is contextually relevant. Along with this, you will also have to make sure that the program should be creative enough to nurture your child’s interest.


  •      Duration of Preschool Activities:The biggest concern point of parents is the duration their kids spend in front of a screen as it may affect eye sight as well as the mental health of the kid. The thus online school you are choosing should conduct small sessions which may be around 30-40 mins and also, they make sure that kid gets screen breaks between multiple sessions to avoid any health issue. 


  •      Batch Size:While most of the online schools are allowing admissions from the whole country but while choosing one school you should enquire about the batch size a session has. The batch size should neither be very small nor be very large. This is because with just a few numbers of classmates your kid will not be able to enhance social skills to that extent and with a very large number of kids in a session, the teacher will not be able to pay personal attention to each and every student.


  •      Qualified & Experienced Teachers:Along with other aspects, teachers play a great role while choosing a school. Therefore, you should always enquire and make sure that if teachers are adequately qualified and experienced enough to handle the online programs for preschoolers. In an online study, it totally depends upon the teacher that she is able to draw the attention of the student or not. Thus, a well-experienced teacher with a creative mindset is essential for a preschool learning program. 


  •      Different Learning Techniques:Traditional way of teaching was very dissimilar to this new online way. It was much easier to draw the attention of students and to keep them involved in different activities. However, to enhance aptitude, cognitive and reasoning skills, it is still necessary to make kids involve in different activities that help them to strengthen their skills and intelligence. Hence, while hunting for a preschool you also have to ensure that it offers interactive teaching-learning aids for kids that make classes more interesting and interactive for your kids. 

wonderLearn Online Preschool Program

wonderLearn (the learning arm of Wonderhood) is one of the best preschools that aims to make early learning for preschoolers a fun, delightful, and rewarding experience. They bring a meaningful range of learning toys (educational toys for 2 years old and more), digital content, and a best-in-class teaching community together that helps your kids to learn new things in a joyful manner.

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