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Wondershare UniConverter is an all-in-one video converter software for Windows and MacOS operating systems, we can easily download videos just by entering the URL in the search engine, it will be able to download it in a specific format, and later we can convert it to any format of existing video. Of course, we can download only the audio and convert between different audio formats easily and quickly. Today, we are going to explain what its main characteristics are.

Main features

This software will allow us to convert between any type of video format, we will be able to convert between all the video formats that are currently used in smartphones, tablets and computers, such as MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, and many others. Even today, the converter is one of the best online AVI to MP4 converters.

Of course, we will be able to convert to video formats that are specifically designed so that they can be played perfectly on mobile devices. Other very interesting options of WonderShare Uniconverter are the possibility of transferring videos at a very fast speed without loss of quality, and even record directly to CD or DVD. On the official website we have the Wondershare UniConverter user guide, here you can see in detail how this program is used on both Windows and macOS platforms, although for both operating systems we have the same conversion, download, recording and other configuration options .

Why should we give this video conversion software a try? One of the most outstanding aspects is its speed when converting a video to more than a thousand formats from one format to another in a few minutes, in addition, another very interesting feature is that we will have certain basic video editing options, such as possibility to trim the video, add different effects that we have available in the library, add a watermark to protect the authorship of said video, add subtitles with the content we want, change the audio of the video and put background music, and even completely modify the audio of said video.

The “Download” functionality is also really useful, this functionality will allow us to download videos from YouTube and other platforms easily and quickly, we will be able to download it in MP4 format from YouTube, and later export it to the format we want, since it supports hundreds of current video formats.

Other very interesting features of this software are the possibilities in terms of photographs. We have seen previously that we have a large number of options available for videos, and change between formats, since the same happens with photos, we can convert the format of our images easily and quickly. In addition, another very important feature is that we can create a GIF from a short video or several images, this will allow us to create GIFs very easily from a video that we have seen on the Internet.

Nowadays with teleworking, it is often necessary to record the screen of our equipment to later share it. UniConverter will allow us to record screen and export it to the video format that we want, ideal for uploading it from YouTube, sending it by email or uploading it to the cloud to later share it. Other possibilities of this software are to repair metadata, transmit video to TV, and even convert videos to Virtual Reality format.

As you can see, Wondershare UniConverter is an all-in-one program for multimedia, both video and also photographs, and it even allows us additional functionalities such as extracting audio files from a CD or DVD to our computer, and even recording music on a CD, among other unique features of this video converter software.

Wondershare UniConverter Download

On the official website of Wondershare UniConverter you can download the program, we have it available for both Windows and macOS operating systems, we invite you to try this interesting and powerful program. We must remember that this program has a completely free version, but with limitations, since this program is paid. The prices for this software are as follows:

1 year license for a PC: $ 39.95/year

Perpetual license for one PC: $ 55.96/year

Team & Business: $ 59.95/year

You can pay on the official website through debit card, credit card and even PayPal.

Finally, converting video format is not a hard thing to do anymore. Thanks to UniConverter!

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