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Singapore among other Asian and European nations have always had a high demand for laborers both skilled and unskilled before covid 19 happened. However, when the covid 19 disease sparked and spread in the world, most companies and government agencies closed doors to seek refuge at home. Most of the workers regarded as redundant were internationals whose work visas and permits were nearing expires among the international employees. Therefore, most employees lost their jobs during the covid 19 lockdown, companies reduced the number of their staff while others considered giving their staff unpaid compulsory leaves. Others considered giving half pay to assist their workers during the hard times. Nonetheless, a lot of things happened in between. A lot of workers were attacked by the disease and lost their lives while many others found other jobs to do at home and in other genres. Others reconsidered their status and ability to work and considered terminating their employment. However, the country is healing from the damages of the covid disease. 

The healing of Singapore from the covid 19 disease is seeing a lot of openings and announcements for the intent of operations for many companies and government agencies. Therefore, the demand for jobs is drastically increasing in Singapore. Many companies are placing adverts align for application in a variety of career positions both senior middle and low positions. Therefore, there has been no other better time to find a job in Singapore than now. Applicants stand a better chance to find a job in Singapore now than ever. Therefore, to make the job-seeking process seamless for job seekers and employers, the Work class exists to bring the employees to the employers. The company helps bridge the gap between the two. Therefore, job seekers can find a variety of open positions for a variety of job positions in Singapore on the company website. All these positions are potential jobs for job seekers both national and international. Therefore, the internal job seekers should start making their passports ready as they try their luck at the site. 

Among the rising job base in Singapore are government departments. For instance, the education department in Singapore sin among the government agencies with the top list of open career positions. The department is seeking educators, mentors, and consultants among other career positions to fill the many positions left vacant by employees who lost their lives and terminated employment. Therefore, with the go back to the school calendar. Many educators and education career-oriented job seekers will land jobs with the Singapore government. Work class maintains an up-to-date record of these postings as they happen from a variety of sources. Therefore, job seekers need to visit the Work class website all the time and find updated information regarding the job openings. 

Moreover, as if that is not enough, the Work class also helps job seekers complete their resumes online. The resume writing service on the website helps candidates prepare winning resumes for job openings. Therefore, for those job seekers who are not confident with their resumes, they can always have the service and get help to develop winning job applications. Therefore, seeking a job with the Work class gives candidates the upper hand in finding the right dream job in Singapore. The company also supports the clients at all times with their customer support services. Therefore, whether searching for jobs or employees, the clients can find help when stuck at any stage of the process. Nonetheless, visitors are warned of scammers and fraudulent anonymous sites that mimic the Work class to corn innocent job seekers. Therefore, the company gives a disclaimer that it does not solicit funds from job seekers in any way rather than in the instances where that is required and with enough information. 

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