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Xbox Resolver is really a service that translates Xbox and Ps gamer tags or usernames right into a legible IP format. Resolver Xbox, however, started in 2017 and it was distributed under two separate domains, one for Xbox and yet another for Ps.

Players themselves save these IP records utilizing an IP puller known as Octosniff therefore reverse lookups weren’t particularly effective at that time.

Individuals searching for any real-time gamer tag resolver will enjoy this website. Miracle traffic bot works with iOS, Android, Home windows 8, and Home windows 10.


Xbox Resolver’s creators have produced a application for that Xbox gaming. The program can provide use of handheld remote control techniques, Xbox Live community tools, and formality around the second screen.

The program for Home windows 10 also offers an additional capacity. It might be utilized as your personal computer game launcher, allowing accessibility system’s screen recording features. With more than 20 million records, you’re most likely to make use of their professional services and, consequently, be susceptible to Xbox resolver booter and party kickers.

While so many people are from the online service, it’s perfectly authorized to list out public information. It’s the users’ responsibility to make sure that this post is not misused and they stick to the recommended instructions for safeguarding themselves from such tools and attacks.

There are plenty of products you could do this with Xbox resolver, however this guide will mention a couple of of the very most apparent and fascinating ones.


What’s Xbox Resolver?

Xbox Resolver is definitely an IP resolver for resolving Xbox Gamer tags and locating gamers’ IP addresses on Xbox Live. It resolves the Ip and translates it towards the appropriate gamer tag, along with the alternative way around.

This works very much the same as DNS does, using the web browser converting each domain’s Ip. Within the Xbox resolver, there’s a requirement for any central database server with use of all Xbox usernames.

Microsoft, however, doesn’t enable anybody to gain access to the database’s sensitive information. Consequently, certain gamer tags can’t be resolved. They’ve, however, established their very own database that contains countless gamer tags for straightforward resolution using two coders.


Advantages of Xbox resolver

There are numerous benefits of the all-new and improved Xbox resolver application which will likely persuade you to produce a devote your smartphone for this. Included in this are:

  • Through this application, they’ve managed to get feasible for users to see their activity stream.
  • They make it convenient for his or her customers by letting them socialize and talk to their pals by using this program.
  • Users may organize their parties and preserve their Game DVR video.
  • With the aid of our Xbox Resolver, browsing One Guide has become a great deal simpler.
  • They’ve simplified the entire process of by using this application like a handheld remote control for consumers.


Options that come with Xbox

Below are the options that come with Xbox Resolver

1.Resolvers for Gamer tag and PSN Usernames

They’ve Xbox and Ps resolvers available. Gamer tag to Ip resolver can be obtained for Xbox users, whereas Username to Ip resolver can be obtained for Ps users. Among the finest advantages of their resolver is they have countless gamer tags& usernames on their own database.


2.IP Lookup by Location:

This particular service enables you use of all the data connected by having an Ip. The IP addresses isp supplies all the information you need.

They provide you with these details using a Premium Service. To discover the appropriate information, go into the Ip in to the box and click on “Lookup.”


3.Logger for IP addresses

You can utilize IP Logger to construct custom URLs that you could send to the people to be able to acquire their IP addresses.

These one-of-a-kind URLs enables you to get the whole Ip, geo IP information, and knowledge concerning the browser or device. They’re also likely to introduce additional features where you can identify incognito mode.


4.Username Checker for PSN

For Ps fans, this latest function is really a welcome bonus. You can observe if your username is obtainable using the Ps Username Checker.

Enabling you to verify if your username can be obtained immediately prior to starting the registration process can help you avoid getting just to walk backwards and forwards.


5.Storage of IP addresses

It will help you in storing and organizing IP addresses inside a secure manner. The saved IPs will then be viewed on a single page. Premium users don’t have any limit on the amount of IPs they might save, although free users possess a limit of 25.


Adding Your Ip to some Blacklist:

Blacklisting is really a unique feature that stops individuals from using xResolver to solve gamer tag or Username. Your data is going to be stored from their scrapers and databases if you buy a blacklist.


How you can install and download Xbox resolver?

If you’re locating the Xbox resolver and wish to know on how to install this application in your device you need to simply do as instructed provided within this publish:

  • First of visit official Xbox Resolver website
  • On the best corner there is a download option
  • Click around the download button after which wait for a installing
  • After the download is completed, open the file.
  • Wait for that installation to complete after clicking the Install button.
  • After cellular phone is completed, you can utilize the program.



What is Xbox Resolver?

Xbox Resolver is really a site that converts gamer tags and usernames from Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Ps right into a readable IP format.


Who’s the creator of Xbox Resolver?

Octolus Development’s Xbox Resolver is really a project from the Octosniff group.


Is Xbox Resolver a legitimate program?

Although your Ip is public information that may be retrieved by a number of techniques as it is not private, having an Xbox resolver to negatively damage the consumer experience with a gaming platform isn’t legal.


Is it feasible that i can remove yourself from list from Xbox Resolver?

Yes, you might remove yourself from list from Xbox Resolver. To little one their database, go to the blacklist and knowledge removal form.


How do i get IPS around the Xbox and Ps?

Pulling IPs is actually straightforward, as shown by Xbox Resolver, which enables you to definitely resolve IPs within minutes simply by going to the website.

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