Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
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The scuffle of the chat applications is intended to take on a new facet as an old player makes an entrance in totally new terrain. After much expectation, yahoo messenger has, at last, launched its round against other chat applications such as Qik and Tango by formally linking the list of chat clienteles on iPhone and also on Android phones.


This will certainly be interesting news to countless chat fans as every big player that joins normally offers a mass of other opportunities but it is somewhat unfortunate for many of the other players in this very wild competitive sector of social networking as yahoo mail messenger was not preparing to come late to the battle flaunting the same old weapons.



It does no one any good to stay on the normal things, as everybody identifies what users have been able to do with yahoo messenger in the past. The thing on everybody’s mind has been of course, what NEW stuffs the IM application gets to iPhones and androids. Fortunately, it does not disappoint.

The cross-platform video chat will undeniably be what will make many users go nuts (in a positive way).


yahoo mail


Cross-platform implies that the video chat would not just be working between yahoo messenger on phone and android, but also other new device running yahoo mail messenger as well as webcam equipped P.Cs. Besides that, the video chat will supposedly work over both 3G and Wi-Fi networks. This is particularly good because where you’ll luck either of these you will definitely locate the other.


A few other cool features comprise being capable of sending instant messages via SMS text messages and the application also permits for multitasking, so running it in the background would not be a jostle.


The push notifications will continually help the user to be updated on what is going on ‘behind the scenes’ so as not to miss any messages or friend requests either. Emotions, as well as rich text formatting, are also obtainable and photos can also be sent straight from the phone’s gallery. Friends from MSN and Windows live messenger would not be left behind as yahoo messenger also permits chat with the other two applications.



The application is now out in the market and is presently accessible as a free download. Android users can also gain access to it on the android market, though those with version later than 2.0 would have little to do with the applications as it can only run on O.S. 2.0 and latest versions. iPhone users will also find the iTunes application store where it has been presented for review already.



The yahoo messenger for android is also presently promoted hand in hand with its senior brother, a yahoo mail customer for Android which also comes with a whole lot of new features. Also, switching between the two applications is purportedly much stress-free. The mail client permits the user most of the rights that follow using the mail client of P.C. including an easy download of mail attachments.


As far as chatting continues, Yahoo is actually going out of its way to make the other players in the market unhappy. Its cross-platform video chatting is a means of opportunities that have just been released to the customers.


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