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A bachelor’s course in computer applications (BCA) is the gateway to the numerous prospects of the IT industry. This 3-years course will transform your knowledge and develop IT skills that will enable you to prove your capabilities in the industry and seek the best jobs.

After pursuing a BCA course in Delhicandidates often go for a postgraduate course to refine their skills. Top companies also look for those professionals who can add specific skills to their corporate teams. Hence, after the end of a BCA course, a specialization course can be very beneficial for your career.

How does BCA help to pursue a specialization?

The graduation course you pursue in one of the top colleges for BCA in Delhi will prepare the foundation for future courses. This foundation is developed by the curriculum followed by the college authority as directed by the education board. The core subjects are included based on the contemporary industry requirements.

Apart from the core subjects, BCA colleges of top reputation take a step ahead and provide better industry exposure to the candidates by conducting seminars, industry interaction, alumni meet, internships, and assignments. It means that the candidates will be groomed in the theoretical and practical sessions and through the industry interaction sessions. This step guides candidates to understand what other skills they need to develop and which domain to follow as a career.

Choosing a specialization

Following the curriculum taught in one of the top colleges for BCA in Delhi, discover the subject you prefer the most. Find out which core subjects fascinate you and urge you to study. This step defines your career choice as well. Choose one of these domains as your specialization and proceed to pursue an MCA program in the same college.

An MCA program will entirely focus on skill development in that particular domain. Your research skills will also make you a better candidate for employers as they can give you the best insights into the projects. In fact, you can also pursue doctoral courses in more refined domains. Your credibility in that particular domain will increase automatically and you will be able to deliver better outcomes. Hence, a BCA course in Delhi is the foundation you need to choose a specific domain.

Seek professional assistance if you want to understand the prospects of a domain from your professors. Interacting with the industry people will also display the skills you need and opportunities you can enjoy. This is how specialization is normally chosen by the candidates with a clear plan. Do not follow the mass and choose what others prefer. Concentrate on your skill set and do the needful.


It all begins in a BCA college in Delhi where you will develop your basic conceptual foundation. Utilize your time and resources provided by one of the top colleges for BCA in Delhi and proceed accordingly. Your smart decisions will reflect on the career outcomes. Seek professional guidance to make an informed decision and choose a specialization after BCA.

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