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Last night was a pretty typical weekday night at my place, I drove home from work
and I filled up on gas before I got home, I left my house again around 5:30
take my son to his karate lesson. While I was out I stopped by the local
library to return some books and then headed to the dry cleaner to pick up
my shirts and pants and some things for my wife. I picked up my son from his
lesson from him and stopped at the grocery store to buy some bread and milk at
our way back to the house.

Now, you are not the first people to know my whereabouts that night. Because I
I had my cell phone with me, the cell phone company that provides my cell phone
The services knew where he was all the time. They tracked me with my cell phone

How is this possible?

It is possible because people who use their cell phone need to be able to make a
call whenever and wherever they are the moment they dial the number
on your phone. Therefore, cell phone companies must be able to route the call
to the nearest cell tower, which in turn forwards your call to the satellite in
space, which sends your signal to the person you are calling. The tower that
handled, the call is usually logged (and stored indefinitely) on the wireless network
Provider computers Xtreme look, although it is not indicated on the customer’s monthly invoice. On
In order for the cell phone company to know which tower it is on, they must be
capable of tracking your cell phone signal when it is on.

In the expanded era of advanced communication and literally thousands of
privacy issues that it has generated since then, many people would be horrified to
know that the phone company can track them through your mobile phone. the
Telephone companies claim that this is an integral part of the service they provide,
privacy advocates say this is just another way large corporations
invaded our lives.

Getting into the fray over this cell phone controversy is another
largest and most important actor: law enforcement. Law enforcement agencies are now
using cell signal tracking technology to catch criminals and
terrorists. Some cases of dangerous criminals who were tracked down and caught while they were in
their phones have been documented and the police are now fighting with
mobile phone companies to ensure continued use.

Have we lost our privacy to cell phone tracking or did we just get a
Valuable tool for law enforcement to keep us safe? Make the cell phone
companies need to know where they are in order to provide their service, or have
found, as some privacy advocates claim, a back door to their life, their
locations, your shopping habits?

Part One: Mobile 911.

According to TechTV’s “Talkback” show, cell phones show where you are and
that is simply part of its design. Without the ability to point where
the signal from your phone comes from, calls could never be connected. Because
Mobile phones report the use of cables, and users who make calls are often in
the movement, the call and the receiving signal are not in a fixed location.
Therefore, the cell phone signal must be traced.

Cell phone service areas are divided into “cells”, each of which is served by
a base station. When you make a call, your cell phone selects the strongest base
station you can find, which is usually the station closest to you.

If you go out of range of a base station, your phone switches to
the next most powerful base station available (which usually means moving to a new
cell). The system always knows its location in relation to the closest cell.

This occurs even when your phone is on but not being used. For efficiency
love, an idle cell phone sends a message on the access channel for the
The system will know where to direct the page if it receives an incoming call. the
the system knows where you are. In an urban area, each tower covers an area of
about 1 to 2 square miles so the overall caller location is pretty easy
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The proliferation of mobile phones and their use gave rise to a very unique phenomenon.
Problem: How would emergency operators track 911 callers on their
mobile phone? Dialing 911 from a traditional corded phone allowed the
operator to track where the call was being made, so that an emergency response
could be shipped.

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