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Bangalore, popularly known as the ‘Garden City of India’, is well-recognized for its vast expanse of palaces and historical spots, and various other aspects. The city is a hub of numerous educational institutions, especially a plethora of CBSE-affiliated schools. Every year, Bangalore exhibits commendable results of 10th and 12th CBSE board exams with students coming out with stellar performances. Many of these schools also provide residential facilities to their students.

The Central Board of Secondary Education, under the Union Government of India, is a Board of Education for both public and private schools. The CBSE-based curriculum foregrounds a skill-based syllabus, focusing primarily on the adroitness of the young minds along with the textual contents.

The schools in Bangalore are marked as the top-ranked educational institutions in the country, which demonstrates that these institutions provide an educational structure that goes beyond the classroom premises, and hone the young geniuses in an enlightened manner. The children outshine as affluent individuals and conscious of their goals of life. All of these substantiate that the schools extend the perfect ambiance for children to burgeon.

It is necessary to do thorough research with lots of patience to find the right school for your ward, especially while you are browsing through the high schools in Bangalore. It is crucial to consider the overall academic performances of the students, but it is equally important to take into account the list of extracurricular activities along with the academics. There is an ample number of good schools in Bangalore, but while selecting the best cbse school near me, you should review the teaching methods and the measures implemented to provide overall development to the students of the school.

Bangalore also has a spectrum of prestigious international schools affiliated to the CBSE board, manifesting outstanding academic records and comprehensive blooming of the students with the help of efficient teaching faculty and exceptional infrastructure. But a few of them possess a reasonable fee structure.

In this regard, one of the best CBSE Schools in Bangalore is Global Indian International School (GIIS), always on the priority list of most parents and students because of its quality education at affordable fees. GIIS has two campuses in Bangalore, one on Bannerghatta and the other one on Whitefield, both following the GMP and CBSE curriculum. Established in 2013, the institution prioritizes the well-being of its students by providing them with a personalized learning framework and shaping them as well-molded global citizens.

 Wondering why choose GIIS over other schools in Bangalore?

Well, once you are well-aware of the world-class amenities and student-friendly atmosphere offered by GIIS, your conundrum with the choice of schools will end right there.

With a unique educational structure, GIIS inspires its students to evolve personally, by getting them involved in extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

The extracurricular activities include lawn tennis, martial arts, basketball,  table, tennis, cricket, soccer, chess, athletics, and roller-skating. The co-curricular activities involve dramatics, poetry, art activities, science & technology, piano, cooking without fire, activities related to social science, music & musical instruments, dance, speech & debate, and mathematics. There are individual clubs for each of these activities, where the students are provided with efficient training to master their skills. Apart from these, the administrative department of GIIS along with the teachers’ assistance arrange a variety of events such as annual days, sports, picnics, quiz contests, etc to provide platforms for the students to exhibit their talents and enhance their self-confidence.

Other amenities provided by GIIS NEXTGEN learning campus to facilitate the educational journey of the students of all grades incorporate-

  1. Montessori laboratory
  2. Kindergarten play area
  3. Art & craft lab
  4. Splash pool
  5. Library
  6. IT lab
  7. Maths and science lab
  8. Audio-visual room
  9. Football ground
  10. Indoor sports
  11. Multipurpose hall
  12. Infirmary
  13. Mahatma Gandhi Centre for universal values

More than hundreds of CCTV cameras are installed on the school premises to ensure the safety and security of 3500+ students.

The 9GEMS Holistic Framework distinctively blends the Eastern and Western methods of pedagogical approach to create leaders of life and expand their learning horizons. The 9GEMS learning structure involves academic excellence, sports excellence, visual & performing arts, personality development, innovation & creativity, entrepreneurship & leadership, universal values & ethics, community & care, and skill development. Apart from the attainable fee structure GIIS Bangalore also provides a wide variety of scholarship programs to meritorious students with extraordinary academic performance. The scholarships are provided to aid the deserving students by compensating a part of their tuition fees. Every year, the high school students graduating from GIIS get admission to the world’s top-ranked universities due to their academic excellence and overall development.

Education procures an active role in our life by accelerating our knowledge acquisition, pedagogical methods, and skill development. It entirely reconstructs our thinking capability and blooming of personality, thereby facilitating the making of wise decisions. Therefore, a quality education should be a compulsory provision for everyone in every country, irrespective of class, gender, or culture.

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