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CBSE sample paper

Finding difficulty in downloading CBSE class 12th sample paper? Then this article will guide you to easily download the CBSE Class 12 sample Question Papers 2021. 


Every year Class 12 sample papers are updated by the Central Board of Secondary Education’s website ( And CA Wizard provides the Class XII sample papers categorized subject wise pdf format. Along with the sample papers, from CA Wizard you will get answers in a pdf format of every sample paper with the detailed marking scheme. Students can even download the last five years CBSE class 12th sample paper and last year CBSE class 12 question papers. 


Solving these sample papers will help students examine themselves for the upcoming board exams in the month of May 2021. Students can prepare very well by practising the sample paper along with the answers and marking scheme. Students can find out the less prepared topics and can work on them. Altogether, this will help them to improve the preparation. . 


From this article, you will get to know how to download the Class 12 Sample Papers of this year and previous years, when to solve the sample papers, and much more information. 


Websites For Downloading the Class 12 sample papers 2021

Students will find the CBSE class 12th sample papers on the official website “” and “”.  Downloading Class XII Sample Papers from the official website are very complex for students as they do not provide subject wise and stream wise class 12 sample papers. So students find it difficult. Whereas, downloading CBSE class 12th sample papers from “CA Wizard” is easy in comparison to downloading it from the official website. Here you will get the subject-wise and stream wise sample papers with solution along with the previous years class xii sample papers. 


Class 12 Sample Papers: Process to Download

Downloading class 12 sample papers from the official website is a bit complex. We have attempted to make it simpler for students. Here are the processes which you can follow to download the sample papers. 

Step 1: For a better view, open the official website on your desktop or on your laptop. It might not work properly in your mobile phones. 

Step 2: Take your mouse cursor on the “sample question paper” tab. Remember do not click on the tab. 

Step 3: A drop down will popup after taking your mouse cursor on the “sample question paper”, where you will find out current year and previous year’s sample question paper. Select the year of which you want to download the CBSE class 12th sample paper and take your mouse cursor on that particular year. 

Step 4: After selecting the year, you will find out two more options “Class XII” and “Class X”. You have to now click on the “Class XII” button. 

Step 5: A new tab will open with the list of all the class 12 subject’s sample papers. 

Step 6:  To find your subject’s sample paper, press “ctrl+F” on your keyboard. A popup will show on the above right side of the screen. Then type your subject name there, and your subject will be highlighted in the list of sample papers. Students should download the sample question papers for offline practise. 


When To Solve Class 12 Sample Papers?

Sample question papers are usually for better and an effective revision for the exam point of view. So students are advised to first complete the entire syllabus and then only start solving CBSE class 12 sample question papers. This will help them to know what topics they are lagging behind, where they need more revision. Also, students will get aware of the exam paper pattern for the final exams. Solving sample question papers will enhance their preparation for the exams and it will help them to secure good results at the end.

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